11 Cities in the Philippines Have The Cleanest Air In the Region

Recently Philippine Star posted a report with data on cities with the cleanest air in the South East Asian region.

Based on the results, 11 out of the top 15 cities are from our country (the Philippines), including Calamba at the top of the list.

Manila ranked 8th in the South East Asian Region. The world’s city with the highest recorded air pollution is New Delhi (India), while the cleanest is Wellington (New Zealand).

The following cities included in SEA’s top 15 are:
• 2nd place – Valenzuela City
• 3rd place – Carmona City
• 5th place – Parañaque
• 6th place – Davao
• 7th place – Makati
• 8th place – Manila
• 9th place – Mandaluyong
• 12th place- Balanga
• 13th place- Quezon
• 15th place-Las Piñas

Meanwhile, Jakarta (Indonesia) got the highest recorded air pollution in the region.

According to the Executive Director of Greenpeace Southeast Asia, Yeb Sano, “Air pollution steals our livelihoods and our futures, but we can change that. In addition to human lives lost, there’s an estimated global cost of 225 billion dollars in lost labor and trillions in medical costs. This has enormous impacts, on our health and on our wallets.

Clean air is essential to any growing economy. Population boost is expected of those cities at the top of the list. Subsequent to population growth is certain economic development.

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