Brand New or Used Car Financing

Get the brand new/used car you always wanted. Apply for this loan product to get assistance in paying the seller/owner of the vehicle of your choice.


Who can loan?

  • Must be a Filipino citizen
  • Applicant must be between 21-65 years old
  • With proof of income


  • Any 2 valid IDs (Government issued))
  • Copy of OR/CR (Official Receipt and Certificate of Registration)
  • Valid ID and Contact number of Seller
  • Latest Electric or Water Bill. If not in the name of the borrower, you must submit additional proof of residence. (Any documents under your name and with your current address)
  • TIN (Tax Identification Number)
  • Proof of income
    • If employed – Latest 3 months pay slips
    • If with business – Business permit
    • If Remittance – Latest 3 months Proof of remittance/receipt


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