16 Years Of #Breakthroughs

Mar 12: Global Dominion Financing Inc. celebrated its 16th anniversary, with the theme #Breakthrough.

Very much similar to people of the same age, our organization is going through transformations – big and small,” GDFI Assistant General Manager Jeric Cornejo said in an opening statement. “There’s peer pressure, curiosity about many things, desire to strengthen your strengths and be the best, and hope to contribute to the society,” he added.

For many years now, Global Dominion has been championing innovative loan services, creating tailor-fit cash loan products, and pioneering ground-breaking policies and methods which have paved the way for other financing institutions towards the global competitiveness development track. In totality, GDFI has taken form to be the driving force in the Philippine lending landscape for loan products like OFW Loan, Doctors Loan, Car & Truck Collateral Loan, Car & Truck Financing, Medical Equipment Financing, and Business Loan. Although, it hasn’t always been this way…

16 years ago, a single table co-existed alongside Asialink Finance Corporation, processing one loan application at a time (probably a day), with a promise of a distinct level of service to its customers and borrowers, thus the tag line #ServiceIsTheDifference. As the entire Asialink Group of Companies started growing, the table started gaining ground as a separate entity, living up to its promise, and incessantly grew to be known as what it is now ~ The Global Dominion Financing Inc.It’s been a roller coaster ride, with every low making us stronger and every high making us look forward to what’s about to unfold for all of us employees, and for our customers,” Melinda Lopez (employee number 3 and now heading the Marketing Training Unit) stated in an interview. “I don’t think any of us thought the organization was going to grow to its size now,” she added.

Many GDFI employees have been with the company for more than 10 wonderful years, some even 15 – testimonies to the organization’s culture and environment – the core of its excellent performance.

Now with 64 branches, more than 420 full time employees, more than 2700 loan consultants, more than 24 direct partners / tie ups, and a continuously increasing annual growth, the team is ready to face new challenges and tackle new opportunities. “At sweet sixteen, we have a lot of suitors… and we’d certainly be picky, but we’re definitely open to more” Jeric jokingly added to close his program statement.