4 Romantic Spots to Drive to This Valentines

With Valentines drawing near, you need to start making plans to make your special someone’s day extra special. And while you can take him or her to your usual favorite spot, going on a cruise to a new place isn’t a bad idea either. So in case you and your boo want to drive someplace different on Cupid’s day, below are four romantic destinations to consider.

Van Gogh is Bipolar

If both of you love surprises as much as you love your pre-owned car, then try visiting Van Gogh is Bipolar this Heart’s Day. A cafe and healing sanctuary rolled into one, they feature an unpredictable menu that’s completely dependent on the owner’s whims. And aside from their culinary surprises, they also feature noteworthy decor like old housewares as well as a collection of love letters from previous visitors.

Galileo Enoteca

But if you want to go full wine-, cheese-, and Italian-mode this Valentines, best drive to Galileo Enoteca. Situated in Mandaluyong, this casual Italian joint is notable for their “cheese wheel,” which they serve only on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Staple Italian fare like bread, pasta, and truffles are also included on their menu. And with its wine-filled interior, the restaurant easily oozes out a peaceful and romantic atmosphere.

Manila Bay Cruise

But just in case neither of you are feeling hungry come Valentines Day, you can always go sightseeing. And should both of you want to witness a romantic sunset, where better to watch out for one than in Manila Bay! To make it extra romantic, park your car and go on a cruise ship as you wait. Aside from giving you a nice view of the horizon and city, you also get to enjoy a nice meal (in case you eventually get hungry) while being serenaded by the ship’s acoustic bands.

Greenbelt Chapel

Or if you like, you can drive to Greenbelt District and visit its famous Chapel. Surrounded by man-made ponds and lush greeneries, the outdoor-style church exhibits a romantic and peaceful ambience like any other. Not only would you be able to enjoy a quiet stroll with your loved one there, but you’ll also get to hear words of wisdom from the chapel’s priest that might come in handy as you progress in your relationship.

Final Thoughts

Each of the spots mentioned above are one-of-a-kind and they definitely make romantic getaways. So get your well-maintained car ready, pick up your better half, and go visit these places.