A Hardworking Father Achieves Success as GDFI’s Marketing Manager

The youngest among seven kids in the family, Samuel Cariño once dreamt of becoming a jeepney driver, just because he sees them receiving a lot of money – definitely not a bad outlook, and is something that has certainly influenced him in reaching heights he’s never imagined. Global Dominion Financing Inc.’s Marketing Manager, Sam, started his career as an Account Officer before becoming a Branch Manager and then stepping into his current role. “Nasabak ka sa mas mahirap at mas malaking role? Walang problema!” said Cariño. “You’ll learn a lot by absorbing knowledge and guidance from your superiors and colleagues, and by keeping an open mind,” he added.

On Culture and Environment

A father of two, Sam has always believed in the power of People Development. Supporting Global Dominion’s Leaders’ investment on Training and Empowerment has resulted to the establishment of a more productive environment which promotes excellent service delivery. “I would recommend Global Dominion, not to just to my family and friends for our products and services, but to my kids, as well, as their future professional career hub,” a pronouncement Sam made while emphasizing on how he sees the institution as a dominator in the industry.

Forward and Up!

A Marketing graduate from the University of the East, Sam stated that the bigger challenge in Marketing now, is no longer just about reaching people, but more about reaching your actual target market in ways that are most convenient to the customers, yet least expensive for the company. “Global Dominion is no less than geared up for the modern marketing challenges, and is continuously improving to deliver the best loan products to Filipinos,” he added.