A Message From Our Chairman

A message from our Chairman (from the GDFI Annual Report)

“The success of Global Dominion is the success of every Filipino!”

To All Stakeholders,

In 2003 Global Dominion Financing, Inc. (GDFI) saw the need to provide innovative financing products to Filipinos, the kind of service that showed enthusiasm and empathy. For us, the business wasn’t just about profits, but also about fulfilling the goals and dreams of our customers. Since then, GDFI has emphasized care and compassion in the support provided throughout the journeys of our clients, partners, and stakeholders. The fast processing and sincere relationship building show how GDFI is true to its first tagline “Service Is The Difference!”

Starting with doctors’ loans, GDFI explored various financing products that responded to the evolving market needs, such as appliance loans, wedding loans, and the OFW loan. Through the OFW loan, we are proud to say we helped Filipinos all over the world achieve dreams for their families. Today, Global dominion offers car and truck loans, which serve MSMEs all across the country. Given the company’s ability to adapt to consumers’ changing needs, one can easily nod in agreement to its pre-pandemic tagline “Basta Loan, Global Dominion!”

Financing in what could be the most trying time of this generation is no easy feat. GDFI’s team has gone through tremendous adjustments to cater to the new borrowing profiles as we all transition to the new normal. Along with its employees and partners, it has found ways to make our service better than ever, in spite of the Covid limitations. Recent stories of success prove that all the company’s efforts are paying off and reflect the true meaning of GDFI’s purpose of being “Ka-partner Mo Sa Pag-angat!”

As your partner, your win is our win too!


Ruben Y. Lugtu II, GDFI Chairman