A Milestone Achiever, GDFI Pasay

Size matters, many say. But maybe not in some aspects, like in corporate performance and in helping families achieve their goals and dreams. The latter is the case in one of Global Dominion Financing Inc.’s branches in Manila – the one in Harrison St., Pasay City. Headed by its branch manager Luriza Raymundo. The branch is relatively smaller and basic compared to most of GDFI branches located nationwide. But nothing stopped them from delivering excellent service and care to its customers – borrowers and applicants alike.

What started as a kiosk in Harrison Plaza mall – an extension of one of GDFI’s main branches in the metro a few years back – the Pasay office has gone beyond, rising above adversities and challenges new businesses face to become the team it is now. Consistently at the top, Luriza’s team has helped more than one thousand two hundred (1,200) Filipinos just from January to October of this year. This means helping the same number of Filipinos start or expand their businesses, send their kids to college, upgrade their home appliances before they fly for work abroad, treat their families to the much awaited vacation, drive their own car, fund for emergency health and hospitalization needs, and many more. They have also been achieving more than one hundred percent (100%) of their loan release targets from January 2019 to date.

The branch’s performance is anchored in the team’s solidarity in effort, deep understanding of their key performance indicators, and unwavering prioritization that is aligned with the entire organization’s direction.

It’s never easy to manage operations of any type, especially that of a financing branch. So we asked Luriza for her secret and here’s her answer, “Yung performance we claim it na, habit na namin siya… Yung communication sobrang mahalaga within the team, no matter what happens kailangan mag-usapusap kami… yung reputation ng branch namin very important sa amin.” Luriza also had a few words for management teams and branches with similar goals as theirs, “Be the best mirror of yourself and your operations kasi sayo titingin ang tao. Kung lagi kang late gagayahin din nila yan,” she said. She also added that leaders should never get tired of teaching and mentoring people, and to make them feel that you always got their back.

GDFI has more than 64 branches situated nationwide to serve our applicants and borrowers. It has also started its expansion in more strategic geographical locations in the country, while continuously exploring innovative ways to serve more customers better and faster, without increasing the need to apply and submit documentary requirements physically. At the moment, anyone can apply online by going to gdfi.com.ph and hitting the “Apply Now” button – or you can simply click this link.

GDFI’s purpose is to provide accessible financing products and services so that every family is empowered to achieve their goals and dreams. It offers different varieties of loans from Car Collateral Loan, Doctors Loan, OFW Loan, Car Financing, Truck Financing, Medical Equipment Financing, Seaman’s Loan, Salary Loan, Personal Loan, and Business Loan. To apply now just click here. To look for the nearest branch just click here.

Our branch in Pasay is located in Sorosa Building, F.B. Harrison St., Pasay City.