A Story of Selflessness, The Story of Nick Delfin

Global Dominion’s NGMA Assistant Area Manager Lea Yap, Compass PH’s Customer Success Manager Nar Reyes, and Global Dominion’s General Manager Patricia Poco-Palacios met Nick Delfin’s father Agrufino Delfin (Mang Pinong) face-to-face, to extend their congratulations and appreciation to Nick’s efforts for the welfare of her fellow OFWs in HongKong. The meet-and-greet happened in GDFI’s Lagro office in Four M Square building.

Our very first Compass GlobalPinoy Awardee Nick Delfin, is one of the members of an LGBTQ community in HongKong providing support and assistance to OFWs, and raising funds for their outreach programs that help the abused and those in need.

Nick, eldest of the three siblings, has the heart for helping people right from the very beginning. According to her father Mang Pinong, Nick started her career as a teacher, with the goal to educate children and help even more Filipinos rise from poverty. Another fellowman has helped her find her way to working abroad to reach for her dreams, just like many of our kababayans who are already working day and night for the brighter future they can bring to their loved ones. It was no doubt that Nick chose to pay the good deed forward and take her turn to help those in need through the organization she’s joined and her other personal efforts to help OFWs as much as she can.

Coming back home on a yearly basis, Nick has never forgotten to show her love and support for her family. She has, in fact, built a house for them. Her other sibling is also working abroad, in Singapore, while another is a working professional here in our country. The three have definitely gone a long way, and have been blessed for their undying desire to help their family and other people in the community.

It isn’t a surprise that Filipinos help others even if they’re not in their own country and even if they don’t have more than enough for their own needs, I know how natural it is for us to be helpful. Nonetheless, stories like Nick’s remain amazing and inspiring, not just to our countrymen, but to other nationalities as well,” Nar said.

We aim to inspire more people through others’ real-life stories, as our organization desires no less than the betterment of families… we desire to help them achieve their goals and dreams,” Patricia wholeheartedly uttered.

Nick’s story is just the beginning of an epic, featuring OFWs’ selfless endeavours which make them model citizens of the world. Read more about Nick’s winning story here. Learn more about the Compass GlobalPinoy Awards program, a partnership project of Compass PH and Global Dominion Financing Inc., here.

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