A Visit to GDFI Quezon Avenue

Celebrating little successes and feeling every bit of joy in everything they do together help the team achieve more. This is GDFI Quezon Avenue’s secret sauce to their success recipe. The smiles and the breeze of peace on their faces welcomed me, despite them being in the middle of processing tons of loan applications in the pipeline, and of course me paying a surprise visit (yep, insert some party poppers here)!

I had the chance to get to know our Quezon Avenue team a bit more and discovered key factors to their milestones, aside from fun and joy.

The Main Ingredients


It is essential for people in a team to move in one direction. Coupled with strong leadership, the value of Respect establishes clarity, security, and integrity amongst team members, and makes operations flow smoothly. With the Q. Ave Branch Manager respecting his people’s individuality, and every member genuinely respecting him in return, there is no doubt that the branch is moving towards targets achievement! Although it’s not a new concept to me, I was more than happy to hear from the members themselves that it boosts their morale and confidence to see that their leader is being respected by his colleagues and subordinates. 


GDFI Quezon Ave. has been consistently hitting 100% if not more of its target for some time now. Although it now pressures the team to outperform their previous results, it inspires every one of them to always give it their best shot and trust that tomorrow can only get better. I’d say that these thoughts have contributed to how motivated the members are and that many teams may have not realized yet how important inspiration and motivation are in achieving Excellence.


There was a month when the team had only achieved 44% of their target and they were devastated. That challenge in the workspace has reflected a lot of different challenges they have faced in their own personal lives, each and every one of them. The branch manager himself experienced restarting from scratch after a fire burned almost everything their family had. But none of those stopped them from wanting to be better, and do whatever it takes to stay at the top of the game.

Their actions speak what they are and what they’ve become. Imagine an extremely productive branch with all people moving swiftly but in harmony, including the leader who’s right in the middle of the scene, ensuring that his team mates see how things are done and that no one is excused in the “doing” part – that’s the last image in my head as I walk out of the branch – with joy, peace, and trust.

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