An Outsider’s Take on GDFI’s Car Collateral Loan Product

GDFI has been making waves in the financial industry lately. Curious as to how they’re doing that, I decided to check out one of their branches and see for myself what the buzz is all about before deciding if GDFI is a good financial partner for me. Below are just some of the things I learned.

What is GDFI?
Based on what I read on their brochure, GDFI (which stands for Global Dominion Financing Inc.) is a financial firm that aims to provide us, Filipinos, easy and affordable cash loan products and services. Offering monetary assistance to OFWs, professionals, business owners, executives, and even students, they’re not only striving to become a household name when it comes to financial needs, but they also intend to dominate the Philippines’ financial industry.

What Services Do They Offer?
GDFI has a slew of loan products to offer, including car and truck financing, loans for OFWs, doctors and seafarers, and even car collateral loan programs for those in urgent need of money. They’re also providing various services for their customers, with hotlines and emails available for specific needs, as well as more than 64 branches located all over the Philippines so they can be as near their clients as possible. One of their top loan products is the Car Collateral Loan (Sangla ORCR).

What Sets It Apart?
Like banks and other lending institutions, GDFI offers monetary assistance depending on your needs, whether it be for personal purposes or for financing cars, trucks, and other vehicles. However, that is where their similarities end! For one thing, Global Dominion’s interest rate of 1.25% per month for their Car & Truck Loan (Sangla ORCR) product, which is relatively easier to manage than those higher rates usually dished out by other lending companies. This alone makes settling their credit less hassling for everyone. While some institution would ask for the car or truck unit to be pawned and stored in their offices, with Global Dominion’s Car Loan product, we get to keep our units while paying for the loan. All that we need to submit would be the unit’s Official Receipt and Certificate of Registration.

But that’s not all! Another perk GDFI offers is its easy application process. All you need to do is fill out the form available on their website and branches, and make sure all the necessary files and documents are at hand. One of their people would contact you as soon as you submit the form to verify the documents and approve your credit application. From there, it’s as easy as going to the nearest GDFI branch and claiming your cash. Oh, and by the way, all that can happen within 24 hours, I learned!

What’s My Verdict?

So back to the question. Is GDFI a good financial firm to partner with for collateral loans? On a scale of one to ten (ten being the highest and one being the lowest), I’d give GDFI a nine. What got me over their side is that fact that not only do they provide loan amounts that’s up to eighty percent of your collateral’s value, but they can also deliver it at an extremely fast pace and with so much less documentary requirements. If you’re urgently in need of collateral loan and you ask me where to go, then I would definitely recommend you GDFI before anywhere else. Go check them out now to see my point!