Asialink Group of Companies on a Mission to Taal

Global Dominion Financing Inc. has recently participated in an outreach program lead and driven by SouthAsialink Finance Corporation for the entire Asialink Group of Companies. The event intended to help the families displaced and impacted by the Taal volcano eruption which started weeks ago. Many families have been in evacuation centers and are in need of food, clothing, and some other basic necessities right after the natural calamity. The eruption affected thousands of families in Batangas and other areas in Cavite, mainly through the volcanic ash fall affecting the quality of air and consequently causing disruption to the lives and the livelihood of many Batanguenos.

While many have already exerted efforts to help our countrymen in need, there are still a lot of support required to help rebuild the communities and the affected lives therein.

As soon as the incident was brought into the news Asialink Group of Companies has been planning for ways to reach out and help those in need. Global Dominion Financing Inc. is one of the companies which brought up the desire to help not just the company employees affected, but the rest of the community as well. After careful planning and deliberation, the said event headed by SAFC has finally been brought to life – which started in gathering and purchasing of goods for donation and financial support amongst its members and employees.

A 3-day packing operations was held in the SAFC headquarters in Ortigas Center, Pasig City, which was joined by employees from the other affiliate organizations, including GDFI. The goods and other proceeds were finally delivered to the families last week.

GDFI’s General Manager Patricia Poco-Palacios deemed it essential for the team to help, carrying out the company’s purpose, saying “Doing our small part in ensuring people have access to basic necessities and resources to rebuild their lives in this calamity is in line with our purpose helping those families achieve their goals and dreams.”

Global Dominion Financing Inc. (GDFI) and SouthAsialink Finance Corporation (SAFC) are both part of the Asialink Group of Companies (AGC) along with other financing and non-financing institutions.