Basic Rules of the Road You Should Remember

No matter how good of a driver you become, you must always remember the fundamental lessons you first learned when you still don’t know what to do behind the steering wheel. To help you out in the regard, enumerated here are the basic rules of the road, some of which you might already know.

Obey Speed Limits

Different roads have different speed limits and different lanes require different speeds. If you want to be a law-abiding driver, best familiarize yourself with these speed requirements.

Know Your Traffic Signs

Traffic signs and pavement markings convey instructions as well as serve as guides for motorists. Examples include while and yellow lines (broken or solid), traffic signs, and traffic lights, among others.

Be Respectful

Respect the rights of other motorists, even if they’re driving a secondhand car you don’t like. Be ready to yield the right-of-way if necessary.

Yield to Pedestrians

Stop your car if there are pedestrians at the crosswalk. Also do not overtake a vehicle that has stopped to permit people to cross the pedestrian lane.

Observe Traffic Lights

Carefully observe stop and go signals while taking your pre-owned car out for a spin. Know how and where to stop at intersections.

Decelerate at Certain Areas

Slow down at certain areas of the road while driving to ensure safety. These include crossroads, inclines, crossings, curves, hills, zigzags, narrow roads, and bridges.

Overtake Carefully

Overtake other vehicles only on the left lane of a two-lane road or on the center lane of a three-lane road. When overtaking a vehicle. Do not abruptly cut the vehicle you are trying to pass. Allow for ample distance between you and the vehicle you passed before moving back into your lane. Do not increase speed nor abruptly change direction when other vehicles want to pass you.

Adjust Your Speed

Always drive with the traffic stream, keeping your speed with the flow of traffic. If you are moving too slow, other vehicles might be tempted to overtake you. But if you’re moving too fast, you might potentially get yourself into an accident even if you do manage to overtake a lot of cars.

Maintain Car Distance

Know and follow safe tailing distances. Generally allow, at least, a distance of two cars for every 15 kph speed.


Know these basic road rules by heart and obey them. That way, not only will you become a responsible motorist, but you’ll soon have the basic skills necessary for you to become a really good driver.