Top 5 Businesses to Get Into this Christmas Season 2020

The Christmas season is here. No matter what we have gone through this year, we will still celebrate for our lives and safety. The holiday remains to be jovial and filled with generous gifts, lovely eats, and intimate gatherings. And entrepreneurs know that this is a time to earn or provide more for their clients. It’s a time to realize a well-tailored plan after getting approved for a business loan.

Add these to your planning: the top five businesses to get into this Christmas season.

1. Homemade Desserts and Delicacies


Traditional Filipino Christmas smells like bibingka, kutsinta, and puto-bungbong in chilly dawn before or after the mass. Food makes families gather especially on special occasions, and the Christmas holidays have become the season to break away from diet and get stodged together.

This culture highlights the profitability of food as a business in the country. So, take advantage of the holidays by selling your palatable creations online. Emphasis on the word creation – offer food that is unique and exciting, which gourmands and gourmets will love. You can either introduce a new dish/pastry or reinvent a common dish/pastry with more flavor and appeal.

2. Corporate Giveaways

The Christmas season has it all to make a professional jump in joy: 13th-month pay and bonuses. It also has these team building activities and gift-giving sessions before the workforce go on a break (or go to the busiest period of the business). Then, corporate giveaways enter the spotlight for seasonal demands, which you can earn from.

There are endless kinds of giveaways that companies may purchase: pens, tote bags, journals, power banks, flash drives, and various items for traveling or the workplace. But what’s more patronized are those products that can be personalized. Companies naturally want to stamp their freebies and gifts with their brand. You don’t want to miss the profit as corporate giveaways are ordered in volumes.

3. Clothes and accessories

‘Tis the season to be jolly because parties are everywhere (though that may not be the case on places under severe travel restrictions due to the pandemic). However, with or without parties to attend, people love to buy clothes that they will wear for specific occasions or getaways. You may also opt to include accessories and other apparel in your store.

Christmas season also signifies side-by-side sales. Discounts and promotional offers are effective magnets of customers. Look at how 11.11 promos of online shops go viral. Establish the exclusivity of offers within the Christmas holiday to convince them not to miss the sales.

4. Handcrafted Decors and Digitally-Made Holiday Cards

If you are creative, this is the best time to perk up those artistic juices because the yuletide season is a colorful tradition. People also love to dress their houses depending on the celebration.

Those who have a talent in transforming tangible materials can produce Christmas decors that are handcrafted and beautifully made. These include Christmas tree dangles, wreaths, snowballs, Santa merchandise, Nativity scenes, parols, and scented candles.

Those who have a talent in digital design and illustrations can create lovely Christmas cards or posters that may be printed out for distribution. They can also serve as an ad campaign or online post in the social media account of a company.

5. Personalized Services

As a business owner seeking more opportunities to earn this Christmas, it’s best to offer personalized services especially to people who don’t have much time to shop or prepare for the holiday. They also provide convenience at this time of the year where travel is limited. In short, personalized services add value to your business on all occasions – not just Christmas.

Here are some services you can incorporate into your current offer or may stand alone as another form of business:

  • Gift-wrapping Services

People like to shop for hours but not all of them wrap their presents on their own. They may only have a short time for trivial things or they don’t know how to do it at all. By giving free or paid gift-wrapping services, you enhance the experience of the customers to your shop. You may also include different choices for wrappers, ribbons, and method of wrapping in which you can charge for additional earnings.

  • Order and delivery services

Online purchase order and delivery services are not optional anymore. These are business processes involved in a growing economy and ever-changing world, whose importance is magnified by the pandemic. It’s best to adapt than to get left behind. And the Christmas season is a time where people spend on numerous orders and shopping. Aren’t you going to hop in on the train?

  • Classes and demonstrations through vlogs

Online presence is not only in establishing influence in a larger scale. You can also gain profits from these social media accounts if handled carefully. Celebrities and major companies have leveraged social media (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram) by both establishing their brands and earning through views and ads. Whatever your craft is, there is suitable content where internet users can appreciate. Classes, demos, or feel-good videos related to your business products or services are worth it.

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