Best Foreign Currencies for OFWs to Earn

One of the perks of being a Pinoy abroad is that they earn foreign currencies instead of Philippine pesos. However, you must understand that not all money is created equal; some have more value than others. So if you’re planning to chase your dreams outside the Philippines, then best go to the country whose currency has high value. Check out the currencies below.

US Dollar

The US Dollar is still the king of all currencies, with most foreign money’s value still pegged to it. And thanks to the USA’s world economic leadership, the US Dollar was dubbed as the “Word Reserve Currency,” meaning that OFWs like you can earn it anytime and anywhere.

Europen Euro

Recent years have seen the Euro strengthening, allowing it to become among the world’s top currencies. This growth is largely due to the European countries adopting it as their official currency. So in case a land-based employment opportunity appears in Europe, don’t hesitate to seize it.

British Pound

Though no longer the world’s strongest currency, the British Pound is still a financial force to be reckoned with. Being slightly higher than the US Dollar in terms of exchange value, it’s definitely a great currency for OFWs to earn.

Japanese Yen

Although the Japanese Yen’s value seems small in comparison with the other currencies on this list, you can rest assured that it’s one of the most stable money to earn for OFWs. After all, just because a currency has a small value doesn’t mean it’s not performing well in the global markets, and Japan happens to be one of the strongest countries in the world.

Hong Kong Dollar

Used in both Hong Kong and Macau, the HK Dollar is the official currency of Hong Kong. It also happens to be among the most traded currencies in the world. Relatively higher than the Philippine peso in terms of value, it’s also a great currency for you to earn in case you’re dreaming of making it big abroad.

Canadian Dollar

Being the fifth largest reserve world currency, the Canadian Dollar is another great currency for OFWs to earn. With the country very welcoming to foreign employees, Canada is a great place to work in. And with the country pursuing a policy of multiculturalism, working there is pretty breezy.

Final Thoughts

Working abroad may be hard due to you leaving the home and people you love, but at least you get to earn higher than most of your kababayans in the Philippines. So if you happen to have a job in a country that uses the currencies listed above, good for you!

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