Branch Division General Assembly: Inspiring Marketing Associates to Reach New Heights

On June 11, 2024, Global Dominion Marketing Associates assembled during an event designed to inspire and motivate everyone involved. General Manager Samuel Cariño delivered a powerful speech that left a strong impact on all attendees.

Samuel Cariño focused on the importance of preparation and self-improvement. “It’s all about preparation towards the next level. Preparation to better you, to become a better Marketing Associate,” he said, stressing the need for continuous growth and striving for excellence. He encouraged the marketing associates to be proactive and to seize opportunities. “Don’t be hunted, be a hunter. Huwag mo hintayin na hanapin ka, ikaw mismo ang lumapit sa opportunities,” he advised. This inspired everyone to take charge of their careers and seek new opportunities with confidence.

Before ending his speech, Cariño shared an important thought: “Success starts with a Yes.” He explained that achieving success is not about luck but about intentional effort and preparation. “Ang lahat ng ito, walang tsamba-tsamba. Ang lahat ng ito ay intentional. Nag-milestone tayo, lahat ng yan ay isang preparation para sa mas malaki pang resulta na maaari pa nating makuha,” he concluded.

The event became a time to share ideas and celebrate the successes among marketing associates. Cariño’s words reminded everyone that every success is built on hard work, dedication, and a proactive mindset.

The event left the marketing associates energized and ready to take on new challenges, with a renewed commitment to their growth. As they continue their journey, they carry with them the message that success is not by chance but the result of deliberate and focused effort. The branch marketing associates have set the stage for a future filled with new milestones and remarkable achievements at Global Dominion Financing, Inc.

Established in 2003, Global Dominion aims to ignite and accelerate growth of people and organizations to transform lives for the better. Its products include car refinancing or Sangla OR/CR, Doctors’ Loan, Car Financing, Brand New/Used Truck Financing, and Sangla Titulo for Business Owners.

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