Business Ideas for OFWs to Increase Their Income

Filipino OFWs are some of the most hard-working people you’ll ever encounter. Not only are they willing to work thousands of miles away from their loved ones, but they also make very industrious, disciplined, and innovative employees.

Sometimes, though, their earnings are not enough to make ends meet. So to help them better meet their financial needs, below are business ideas every Pinoy abroad can start.

Real Estate
Extra income can be derived from real estate in many ways. However, the easiest way OFWs can increase their savings through real estate is by buying a property and renting it out. Not only would it take minimal supervision on your part (you can even delegate it to someone you trust), but it can also increase your investment’s value since property prices tend to increase over time.

Food Retail
Investing in the food retail industry is also a good way for our kababayans to augment their money flow. You can either buy a well-known franchise, or get creative and start your own food brand. Admittedly, this option would require more effort than having to rent a property. However, you can also delegate the everyday tasks to someone you trust. And since the food retail industry is extremely lucrative, return of investment is almost always guaranteed.

Another business idea that’s making a comeback in the Philippines recently is the laundromat business. Unlike previous laundry stations where you leave your clothes to the clerk, however, many laundromats operating in the country today are self-service. That is, the washing machines and dryers have coin slots and you have to do your own laundry.

Or you can start your own travel agency. Tourism and travel is a thriving industry not only in the Philippines, but in the world at large as well. Plus, unlike before, you can start this type of business with little capital since the advent of internet technologies made it possible for everyone to start enterprises like travel agencies from scratch.

Beauty Parlor or Barber Shop
And then there’s the beauty parlor or barbershop business. Starting either is relatively easy, and like most other business ideas, it needs minimal supervision. You can even get creative about it and start making a line of beauty products that would make your customers happy.


OFWs, just like you, deserve to enjoy the fruits of their labors. By investing some of their earnings in business ideas like the ones listed above, you would not only be able to meet yours and your family’s needs, but also ensure that you would have a safe financial nest in years to come.

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