Climbing up to Success per GDFI’s Assistant General Manager

It’s an accomplishment to work with the same company for 5 years, and considerably a triumph to stay there for 10 years. But what about grinding to achieve better results for the same organization for 15 years? That’s what Jeric Cornejo is in to with Global Dominion Financing Inc. Jeric is GDFI’s illustrious Assistant General Manager, who has been part of the team for fifteen years, and counting, as it continuously grows amidst the changing Philippine economic climate. But the guy has no secret to tell, the basics are still the best, according to him.

Here’s what he got – Grit, Data Centricity, Focus and Inspiration


In the context of behavior, grit is defined as “firmness of character; indomitable spirit.” Tirelessly persevering and exhibiting passion for results, have been Jeric’s ways of keeping his motivation fueled and his body energized to do the job. With full support and training, he’s been able to accomplish what needs to be done for the organization. Fortunately, Global Dominion, as an institution that believes in the power of knowledge and people development, has been providing all comprehensive training sessions he needs to grow and develop others.

Data Centricity.  

As an Accounting graduate from Philippine School of Business Administration, it’s been innate to Jeric to trust the numbers. Logical data has been his guide from diagnosing challenges to resolving problems.


Keep your eyes on the prize, but never let a small thing down in the process of achieving your long-term goals. Focus not just at the end of the tunnel, but magnify the details as well. Jeric has been moving up the institution’s corporate ladder by exceeding expectations in performing the tasks at hand. Starting as a Bank Reconciliation Staff, he became the Accounting Compliance Supervisor, and then the Head of Tax Department, before leading the entire Accounting Operations. There was never an easy role for him, not even his current designation as Assistant General Manager for the entire organization.


Believe it not, Jeric’s first steps into the Financing industry was brought about by his mom, who happens to be a former client of the organization. It was his mom who encouraged him to join the team back when its name wasn’t even known yet. But he never stopped in believing then, that the team will grow to what it is now.

“The image of Filipinos growing their network, expanding their businesses, endlessly enhancing their financial literacy, and having access to all sorts of financial support, has been my inspiration for Global Dominion Financing Inc. as an institution that promotes not just the awareness to all types of loan products, but the importance of everyone having financial strength as well,” Cornejo said during his one-on-one interview.

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