A Call For Support From Our Compass GlobalPinoy Gina Esguerra

Compass GlobalPinoy Awardee Gina Esguerra has always believed in the talent and aptitude of the Filipino people – those that make us set a certain global work force standard. But she says that it is our resilience that covers much of our advantage amongst others when it comes with dealing with the hardships of working in a foreign land on top of being far from your beloved family. Filipinos working abroad face not only the challenges of diversity and differences in laws and culture, but the adversities we also face in the Philippines all at the same time. Imagine how difficult it is to work far from home, and go through the entire and all processes of obtaining work, passing through all type of steps locally and internationally, and defeating corruption and the surrounding maleficence in the processes.

Esguerra has shared a lot from her own experience working as an OFW and even as the defender of the OFWs welfare, as part of an organization that helps migrant workers. And though we couldn’t permissibly just share everything on this write up, we can definitely tell how painful yet fulfilling her present tasks could be in line with helping our fellow kababayans in need. “We’re fighting to bring many OFWs justice and peace, but while many of us are at it, it is still imperative that everyone of us here in the Philippines exert best effort to assist and support many of them striving for their families every single day in a foreign country,” she stated. She pointed out that we can certainly do a few things even just to increase awareness of what’s happening abroad and potentially begin to support OFWs welfare. No effort is too small to help one or more OFW on one or more things.

Gina, during the meet-and-greet with the GDFI and Compass PH teams, have been thankful and appreciative of our efforts to recognize OFWs and those who support and stand by them through the challenges they face abroad. One of which is managing their finances – one we can certainly help many on.

The struggling between funding their needs versus funding their wants is real and endless too. A lot of our Kababayans need help in improving their financial literacy to help them manage their income properly and more realistically,” Gina Esguerra said in an interview with the Global Dominion team.

Global Dominion Financing Inc. and Compass PH are committed to uphold the importance of financial literacy among all other information drive for our fellow kababayans here and abroad. While money is certainly something a lot of people can earn, it is one thing not a lot of us can handle and manage the rightful way. To this point enters our campaigns for knowledge and education for our kababayans through our articles on money management and financial strategies. Very soon, our partnerships and campaigns shall also expand to cover more channels and utilize even greater technologies to reach more and more Filipinos here and abroad.

There is no other knowledge more important to share when you’re in the financing industry than financial literacy and proper money management. We’re here not just to lend funds, but to hopefully educate many families on how to wisely spend the loan as well,” GDFI North GMA Area Manager Dexter Estrella uttered in an interview. “We shall continue to help more OFWs, as we have helped those who now manage their own businesses at the comfort of their homes, without the need to leave the country and be far from their families,” Estrella added.

Ate Gina has definitely gone above and beyond in upholding the welfare of OFWs around the globe. And this simple recognition would be our first step in helping her and the others in protecting working Filipinos’ rights abroad,” Compass PH Customer Success Manager Nar Reyes stated in an interview right before the teams accompanied Gina Esguerra to a shopping spree as token of appreciation for her as our Compass GlobalPinoy awardee last month.

Our awardee was joyfully met by our team represented by Dexter Estrella, Nar Reyes, Mary Joy Pacheco (GDFI Head Office OIC), and Christine Gumalo (GDFI Business Development Officer). See the photos of the meeting and the recognition below.

How do you think you could show your support to our fellow kababayans abroad? Share your thoughts on the comments section below.