Everything You Need to Know About ARCA South

ARCA South is a 74-hectare planned unit development spearheaded by Ayala Land, Inc. The project began when the government managed to sell part of the FTI property to Ayala. In return for building this district, Ayala pledged the proceeds of the sales to various programs of the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Agrarian Reform.

ARCA South intends to become the newest central business and lifestyle district south of Metro Manila. But is it worth investing your hard-earned security cash on it? Read on below to find out!

It Will Be the Next BGC

ARCA South aims to become the next Bonifacio Global City. to that end, the project takes great lengths to make sure the district is accessible. For one thing, areas like NAIA, BGC, and Makati will be a few minutes from its location, largely thanks to the government’s plans to connect the Skyway with the C5 and C6 highways. ARCA South also intends to become a more affordable place to live south of the metro.

Many Internal Projects are Already Underway

With the construction of ARCA South also comes several internal projects that could provide opportunities for various industries. To give you a glimpse of these projects, take a look at this list:

● Three residential projects with contemporary home options.
● Six office buildings ideal for BPO companies, each with 15,000 sqm of leasable space.
● Ayala Land’s very own Seda Hotel
● A mall and lifestyle complex with 72,000 sqm of leasable space.

The Price is Appreciating Fast

Drawing the attention of countless investors, ARCA South’s value is expected to rise over time. During a press briefing in September 2017, Ayala Land Premier (ALP) managing director Joseph Carmichael Jugo pointed out that the sales of ARCA South’s residential offerings has resulted in prices increasing by 18%. With more development being completed in the district, this rate will undoubtedly go higher.

Construction is Going at a Fast Rate

During the construction of BGC, residential buildings were erected first before the commercial developments. ARCA South chose a more powerful strategy, however. Instead of prioritizing its one component of the district, the developers decided to build the commercial and residential areas simultaneously. This surprising approach considerably sped up the construction of the new business and lifestyle hub, further drawing investors in and gaining prominence at the same time.

The Takeaway

As you can see, ARCA South is a great place to settle in. if you want to be a part of this new and ambitious development effort, then you might as well start by investing your cash on it.

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