FREE Everyday Kamustahan via Free Bee!

Do you want to call your family in the Philippines but have to wait for them to go online? Or are they residing in an area with limited internet connection? Missing the clear voice quality of a regular phone call but can’t afford IDD rates? Don’t you worry, there is now a mobile app that helps overseas Filipinos reach their loved ones from abroad!

Introducing Free Bee, a mobile app that lets you call your family and friends back home even if they are not connected to the internet. Using the app, overseas Filipinos can directly call any PLDT landline, Smart, TNT and Sun number in the Philippines.  Your family back home doesn’t need to download the app to receive calls from your Free Bee app.   They don’t even need to be on a smartphone, or connected to the internet!

Here’s the best part – Free Bee provides FREE 2-minute calls everyday. You just need to listen to a short audio ad before and your call gets though right after it. Perfect for everyday kamustahan!

Sometimes you’ll want to have a longer conversation with your family.  Free Bee also powers a premium calling service, so you can enjoy an ad-free call that lasts as long as you want.  For premium calls you simply need to buy Free Bee load.  Don’t worry because the rates go as low as 1US cent per minute!  You can purchase load online, or at any of these retail partners.  You can also pasaload from Smart to Free Bee.

Free Bee works on Android version KitKat 4.4 or above, and iPhone iOS version 9.2.1 or above.

The Free Bee app is powered by PLDT Global.

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