Fund Your Emergencies With Your OR/CR

The recent supertyphoon that hit the Philippines at the end of last year had definitely left a lot of Filipinos in a dire state of need. Houses were destroyed, power and internet were interrupted indefinitely, prices of commodities spiked up, supply chains were stalled, etc. And even after a few months, many have still yet to recover from these adversities.

This unexpected situation had definitely taught Filipinos the importance and utmost necessity of an emergency fund. We should’ve already realized in the first place that the Philippines, being a tropical country, is subject to a wide range of weather conditions that can quickly harm our homes. Factor in the still unending effects of the pandemic and you have most people at their wit’s end.

That’s why, if you have the means to start building an emergency fund right now, you should start immediately. Here are some reasons why an emergency fund is more important than ever:


A couple of years have gone by since Covid-19 hit us unexpectedly, and not just the country but the whole world was put on virtual lockdown. Businesses were forced to close and companies were compelled to lay off employees, thus, many people lost their jobs and money as a result. 

This was pushed too far when the supertyphoon devastated not just properties, but also some people’s sources of income. Banks and financial experts have recommended putting aside at least three to six months’ pay in your emergency fund. However, the situation has demanded us to stock more than that.

Climate change

Aside from all the other illnesses that come with the drastic changes when seasons shift, climate change also poses a threat to the homes we have invested a lot of years to build. Most traditional materials used to build homes are not able to withstand the stronger typhoons with destructive storm surges as well as extreme temperatures during long droughts.

When these disasters happen, objects can easily break and may even stop working making a major repair or a complete replacement necessary. If the items that were destroyed are vital for everyday living – such as roofs or electric wirings, you might want to have them replaced immediately. This is when your emergency funds come in.

The need of having money set aside for unanticipated living expenses has never been more apparent than it is now. An emergency fund is an excellent method to boost your finances and protect yourself from financial snags that can throw you off track or even ruin them.

But, as they said, regrets always come after.

If you weren’t able to build an emergency fund before any tragedy happens, we have a solution for you. Filipinos can apply for a home loan to help cover the costs of home repairs and improvements through our Sangla OR/CR program. You can mortgage your car’s OR/CR to fund your home repairs and maintenance, essential purchases, and other urgent monetary needs. 

Get in contact with us if you’d like to talk more about the emergency financial assistance we’re offering.