Funny Things Only Medical Students Would Understand

Medical students see the world in a whole new way, and there are many aspects in their lives that no mere mortals would ever understand no matter how much they try. How could they? They haven’t tried holding a beating heart while in a medical startup, have they? Or did they ever experience studying 20 hours straight just to pass the final exam? Of course not! These are the only things medical students can comprehend. Thus, it shouldn’t surprise you that med students are privy to certain funny things and inside jokes that you won’t get. Some of them are listed below, in case you want to know a few.

Struggling With Chronic Medical Student Syndrome
You’ll probably hear med students at the campus or the clinic complain about suffering from chronic Medical Student Syndrome at some point. If you’re worried about this kind of disease it is and whether or not it’s contagious, relax! Medical Student Syndrome is just something aspiring doctors made up to describe their tendency to diagnose themselves with every condition known to mankind.

Giving Wrong Impressions
Most people believe that you have to be a genius to pass a med course. Med students and practicing doctors alike attest to the number of times people conclude that they’re super-smart whenever they tell them what they do. And although most med students and doctors take it in stride, others believe that they’re giving people the wrong impression.

Having Non-existent Social Life
For medical students and aspiring doctors, social life gets thrown out of the window as soon as the semester starts. In fact, many of them have social lives so dull and non-existent that they’re considering attempting to revive it with a defibrillator! Kidding!

Making Love With Books
Many college students come back to their dorms with hook-ups or dates. Sadly, that’s something rarely enjoyed by many med students. Instead of a real person to spend the night with, aspiring doctors get to make love with their textbooks. But hey, at least they’ll keep you up all night — in an agonizing and nasty way, haha!

Becoming a Dictionary
One of the best (or worst depending on your mindset) things about medical school is you get to learn a lot of new words. Med students suddenly find themselves using words like “Cerumen” and “Borborygmus,” and many wake up suddenly aware that their vocabulary has become so extensive that they seem like aliens to other people.

Final Thoughts

A medical student’s path to success is brimming with indescribable trials and difficulties. Luckily, there are lots of things that will help lighten up their mood. Too bad the rest of us won’t be able to keep up with their witticisms.

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