GDFI, An Extraordinary Place To Work

Ayaw kabalaka sa hagit sa kinabuhi ug dako nga responsibilidad o sa paghuna huna sa mga babag kay andam ang GDFI Management. mag puno sa atoang mga kakulangon aron ma kab-ot nato ang atong mga pangandoy sa kinabuhi.

After graduation years ago, I was privileged to be accepted as part of the prestigious Global Dominion Financing Inc. team. Just after a month, I was sent to a Standard Training Program for Marketing Assistants headed by Melinda Lopez for a month-long equipping session. And that started my exciting and meaningful learning journey in the company.

Basic Leadership Program is incorporated in the said training, and I was truly grateful for it, as it molded me not only to become a better employee, but to become a better person as well. And I couldn’t forget what I’ve said in front of the big bosses, heads and many others during the send-off party. I promised them that I will continuously strive to deliver my best to be an asset to this company. And despite the overwhelming knowledge gained and the foreseeable challenges posed upon by the role, I feel the urge to perform to the best of my abilities because of my commitment to the leaders, the company, and to myself.

After the initial training sessions I’ve gone through, I have concluded that I’ve made the right choice in joining Global Dominion, and I know that this will continue to change my life forever. In all my endeavors, I have been guided to trust the process and follow the basic formula in life which is Faith plus Action is equal to 100% Result, especially in achieving one’s life goals and dreams.

Time’s been flying so fast but my years of tenure in GDFI has brought a lot of challenges and opportunities for growth. Global Dominion has accorded me with the rare privilege of rising from the ranks – from the once neophyte Marketing Assistant to a Marketing Officer, and now, a Branch Manager at a tender age of 23 years. My fulfilling journey has been made possible with the help, trust, and full support of our leaders Nancy Wacan, Zenaida Soriano, Samuel Cariño, Jeric Cornejo, and Patricia Poco-Palacios.

Working with GDFI has been a great pleasure. What I appreciate the most about the company is its desire to continuously educate, train and develop its workforce by sending them to different training sessions and seminars. I, personally, am inspired to continuously grow and unleash my potential and become a better version of myself every single day. That makes GDFI an extraordinary place to work.

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