GDFI and PSE Executives meet

Global Dominion Financing Inc. (GDFI) executives met with the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) team in August 2021, to discuss listing opportunities for GDFI together with other financing companies
within the Asialink Group.

PSE is the self-regulatory organization that provides and ensures a fair, efficient, transparent, and orderly market for the buying and selling of securities. It also offers a convenient and efficient venue in raising capital to support the growth of businesses. It is considered one of the oldest bourses in Asia, with its roots tracing back to the country’s two former bourses – the Manila Stock Exchange (formed in 1927) and the Makati Stock Exchange (formed in 1963). The Manila and Makati bourses were unified on December 23, 1992 subsequently forming the PSE. Source: PSE website

The meeting was attended by the following PSE employees: Ramon Monzon (PSE President); Atty. Roel Refran (PSE COO); Mark Visda (PSE Capital Markets Division Head); Pauline P. Vilvestre (PSE Marketing Head); Theresa F. Lumanlan (PSE Marketing Assistant Head); and Fristine L. Chua (PSE Marketing Assistant). From Global Dominion (GDFI), the attendees were: Robert B. Jordan Jr. (GDFI CEO); Patricia Poco-Palacios (GDFI President and COO); and Jeric L. Cornejo (GDFI CFO).

During the PSE-GDFI meeting, PSE expressed how they envision having more businesses and companies in the Philippines getting publicly listed for their growth and the development of the economy. Patricia Poco-Palacios, GDFI President and Chief Operations Officer, shared that the company has been preparing to go public with an IPO in the recent years to further solidify its financial foundation and support its unstoppable expansion. “We have been in the business for more than eighteen years now, and going public is not just for our organization but for all of the Filipinos it caters to, as well!” Palacios added.

PSE has been actively supporting and promoting sustainability in the Philippine capital market. It has also been showcasing its support for the government’s implementation of safety measures to beat Covid-19.

GDFI, one of the biggest financing companies in the country, has been helping families in achieving their goals and dreams by providing innovative and accessible loan products and services, like car/truck collateral loan or car/truck refinancing (Sangla ORCR) and car/truck financing (both used and brand new). Many Filipinos, both employed and in businesses, have been able to access financing through GDFI in ways that are convenient and fast. Approximately two thousand (2,000) individuals and business owners per month are being empowered by GDFI to own their dream cars or expand their businesses to catch up with the inevitable economic growth despite the impact of the existing medical crisis.

Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) data shows that ‘financing and insurance activities’ is one of the industries under the Services economic sector that remain strong amidst the challenges posted by the pandemic, with positive GDP growth contribution. And access to financing is one of the most critical factors for many businesses and organizations at this point in time. Should GDFI become a publicly listed company, more families will be given access to loans and become more empowered to make their dream a reality. And as one family rises above, the consequential positive impact to society and other families as well will be incessant – forming an even stronger and more diverse economic stature for the country.

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