GDFI: Ka-partner Mo Sa Pag-angat Ngayong 2022!

GDFI: Ka-partner Mo Sa Pag-angat Ngayong 2022!

*** A message from GDFI President & COO ***

Amidst the still-turbulent economic backdrop, when there were very few lenders, Global Dominion Financing, Inc. (GDFI) was able to continue to empower more families’ goals and dreams by disbursing 14,000 new loans. The encouraging payment performance of “post ECQ” loans (loans released after the first series of Enhanced Community Quarantines) urged the organization to resume its expansion plans in 2021. By June, GDFI grew its branch network from 54 to 78, with the majority in the Visayas and Mindanao area, setting the stage for stronger growth in years to come.

GDFI’s strategic choices proved to be ‘steps in the right direction’ as the market rewarded the organization’s efforts with an outstanding net income growth from 2020 to 2021.

Care, integrity, innovation, excellence, and fun!

We credit the success of GDFI not only to the soundness of the business strategy but to the strength of the GDFI culture. Indeed, it was the hardworking people who carried GDFI thru. The value of innovation pushed the organization to embrace new tools and tactics to handle the new normal. The drive for excellence urged the team to measure more operational indicators and improve on their results relentlessly. We welcomed new officers who brought in critical expertise in areas where we needed improvement. Practices in care and fun strengthened teams amid pressure, policy changes, and even devastating natural calamities. We doubled down on customer service, creating new processes and intensifying communication through all possible channels. We collected customer feedback proactively—both good and bad—and learned from all of them. Our commitment to integrity allowed for difficult decisions to be made no matter how painful.

Stakeholders and ka-partners

GDFI will not be where it is without its partners and stakeholders. We thank our clients who chose us to support their financing needs in 2021—it is they who continue to inspire us to do more and to do better. We are grateful to our loan consultants, partner car and truck dealers, and those who continue to trust us with their referrals. What we have is a partnership in the true sense of the word—expanding financial inclusion where everyone is a winner. We are also grateful to our extraordinary collection company partners, who go far and beyond to ensure healthy loan recoveries for GDFI. Finally, we acknowledge our directors, our creditors, and our shareholders who continue to support the GDFI mission: to provide accessible financing products to empower Filipino families’ goals and dreams. Thank you for believing in us.

The best is yet to come

Two (2) years into the pandemic, new cases of CoVid-19 in the country continue to drop below 1,000 a day. With 60% of the population already fully vaccinated, and more expected to be inoculated, we can only expect the economy to further improve. As restrictions continue to ease, we look forward to stronger business and consumer confidence. These factors will spur even higher demand for GDFI’s services—and we are eager to serve. In 2021, the company positioned itself for even further growth—with additional capital and SEC-approved increase in authorized capital stock.

The previous years may have taken a toll on Filipino families, but we look ahead towards a hopeful future—sa pag-angat ng mga Pilipino. We are eager to empower the small business owner by helping him improve his cash flow or add a new delivery truck. We are ready to help more families acquire the pre-owned vehicle that suits their budget. With our expanded branch network, capital structure, stronger organization, and clear sense of purpose, we, at GDFI, see ourselves reaching greater heights in 2022.

Excited na kaming maging ka-partner mo sa pag-angat.

Maraming salamat po!

– PPP, GDFI President & COO