GDFI Valenzuela Rises Above

With Trust and Love we #RiseAbove. This line has proven itself to be true in the case of a team, a corporate family which hustles in one of GDFI’s branches in the metro – Valenzuela. As I continue visiting Global Dominion branches, I have only been becoming more and more curious about the secrets in keeping a team in tact and always looking ahead.

Global Dominion Financing Inc. Valenzuela is now one of GDFI’s best performing branches in Luzon catering to customers with needs for OFW loans, Car Financing, Car Collateral Loan, and even Truck Loan.

Our Valenzuela office was established back in 2018, and since then the team has remained solid, in fact, even stronger together. Not a single person has moved out of the team and everyone continues to contribute to their performance focusing on growth and target achievement. The branch is known for its flexibility in the loan products they offer. Customers range from business owners, car owners, to OFWs, seafarers, and even doctors, who come and go with joy availing financing products and services.

Heading this productive unit is its Branch Manager, Erwin Dela Cruz, who claims to have been taking his entire team through their journey to excellence with love, courage, and care for and to everyone.

What’s Working for this Team? After spending a day with them, here’s what I have observed.

Diversity. Their personalities complementing each other help the team move faster. Someone adjusts and gives way when necessary and adapts in order to address what needs to be addressed. It didn’t have to take long for me to see them manage a challenge within the branch, but with smiles and calmness, the team just shrugs the hurdles off with much confidence with each other. They know who’s good with what and this works well for their efficiency.

Compassion. I can sense it – the feeling of wanting to help others beyond plain empathy and call of duty. Despite their busy schedule and the need to deal with annoying people around, the team extends a hand aiming to resolve a conflict or a problem. And if this is extended even to those who can/do not really avail any of our products and services, or who wouldn’t really be able to contribute to their performance, it can only be explained by nothing but the value of compassion.

Excellence. Based on several feedback and performance records, Valenzuela really hits the roof and keeps it consistent. Fast processing, responsive accommodation, and even their good character as employees contribute to them being recognized for excellence.

One of their Loan Consultants (field agent), named Penelope, was even teary-eyed, when asked why she stayed with the team for years and continued offering her support. “We’re like a family here, we understand each other, and wala silang kasing bait,” Penelope said in an interview. Both the employees and Penelope couldn’t describe their relationship and tactics in words, but they were certainly able to make me feel why it works. Despite having no new strategies bagged, I left the branch with trust that their courage, love, and compassion will continue to make things happen.

Global Dominion Financing Inc. has been in the industry for more than 16 years now and as it goes above and beyond, it continues to uphold its purpose which is to provide accessible financial products and services so that every family is empowered to achieve their goals and dreams. This is true not just for the clients it serves but for the employees and the rest of its stakeholders as well. #LifeAtGDFI

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