GDFI Visits Anawim

Global Dominion Financing Inc. employees visited Anawim Lay Missions Foundation (ALMS), Inc. In Rodriguez Rizal, as part of the company’s annual corporate social responsibility activity. It has been a tradition of the team to extend and offer help to those in need, be it in kind, prayers, and/or financial support. Anawim is a small facility for poor and abandoned elderly people founded by Catholic lay preacher Bo Sanchez. Anawim Lay Missions opened its doors in 1996 to rejected and abandoned elderly who are roaming the streets. Its purpose is to provide a home, a sanctuary, to those poor and abandoned elderly who have nowhere else to go.

Anawim’s Vision (as of 2019):

By the year 2020, we want to have ten (10) Anawim branches in different parts of the country, serving the poorest of the poor: abandoned elderly, orphans, street children, handicapped, drug dependents, unwed mothers, prostitutes, etc.

The institution offers the services below and more.

> Care and Rehabilitation

Taking care of the health needs of each elderly through volunteer services shared by physicians and medical staff.

> Home Life

Striving to give the best care and support as our way of sharing God’s love on Earth to each rejected and abandoned elderly.

> Spiritual Life


Finding respite in God’s loving arms through regular prayers and reflection.

> One-on-one Counseling

Loneliness is a common problem that older people face. This problem is heavier for abandoned and rejected elderly.

GDFI’s CSR troop incorporated care with fun by donating food and some clothes, and facilitating a short program for the elderly people which includes games and a bit of dancing. The residents have certainly enjoyed the moment and whole-heartedly participated in fun activities. The entire group felt like time was insufficient and that they could do so much more for the elderlies in the said home. Some of them have committed to come back.

Definitely this will not be our last time to visit Anawim; we’ll be back with more fun and love for them,” said Alexander Mendoza, one of the hosts during the short program.

We continue to challenge ourselves in exploring better ways to live by our values, and our CSR [corporate social responsibility] activities are just a few ways of showing how we can go above and beyond, and I am hoping that our employees will not tire, will not stop expressing how a GlobalPinoy cares and feel the fun and the passion at the same time,” GDFI General Manager Patricia Poco-Palacios stated.Last year, Global Dominion employees participated in an activity set by Gawad Kalinga.

Know more about Anawim by visiting their website.

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