2019 has been a challenging year for many companies, including GDFI. As its expansion unfolds adversities coming from all directions ran head-to-head with the entire organization. But slowing down and giving up are both nowhere to be found amongst their options. The organization was made stronger than ever by challenges and with several #Breakthroughs in the areas of digital marketing, technology, organizational movement, operations, and strategic partnership.

GDFI General Manager Patricia Poco-Palacios said that the breakthroughs, despite several adversities, “show that GDFI can rise above the challenges“. When asked about how she will describe the entire year in words, she uttered the following:

It’s about the uphill climb, but never giving up.”

It’s about never losing hope, while working harder to achieve our goals.

It’s about ‘levelling up’ one step at a time, constantly improving how we do things, how we think, and how we work together.

It’s about always asking WHAT WOULD WORK BETTER?

It’s about giving 100% in everything we do.

Her statements serve as testaments to how the company has made it through the year with undeniable success.

Recently, Global Dominion has re-launched its Business Loan, Salary Loan, and Car Loan products owing it to the growing needs in the market and the improved efficiency and accuracy of the team it making more and more prepared for challenges new products and services bring. It’s a perfect win-win situation for both the organization and its customers, especially the borrowers in need of financing, like businessmen, self-employed, car owners, and aspiring car owners.

Internally, GDFI has also gone through metamorphosis systems-wise and in other aspects which influence its effectiveness and productivity. Technology and process improvement have been major wheels in elevating its customer service, cross-functional and inter-departmental coordination, employee engagement, and corporate communications.

Figure X

Figure X shows online interest trend for different financing company brands including Global Dominion Financing Inc. and its parent company Asialink Group of Companies. Source: Google Trends November 2019

The company’s expansion efforts, similar to the country’s ‘Build, Build, Build’ campaign, fuel each of its employee’s motivation to push for better results and brighter output every day. From establishing new products, to strengthening relevant campaigns, and to never-ending evaluation of existing processes to obtain 5-star customer satisfaction ratings and high-quality return on investments, GDFI never ceases to utilize innovative approaches to reach new heights. #GDRiseAbove

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