Global Dominion CEO: “There’s no way to go but up.”

Dear Shareholders and Stakeholders,

The Philippines’ Gross Domestic Product (GDP) grew by 7.6% in 2022. In the same year, Global Dominion’s net income grew by 43% from 2021, giving us a positive outlook for GDP growth in the months or even years to come. At the beginning of 2022, many individuals and businesses were still breaking free from the negative impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. In the same year, the war between Russia and Ukraine began, stretching the economic recovery period longer. Our resilience was once again put to the test. This event severely impacted global trade and other transactions, but our resourcefulness didn’t waver. Innovation has driven the team to do better for our customers. Despite inflation swelling to 5.8% in 2022, the country’s GDP soared to an 7.2% increase in the fourth quarter of 2022. That was our cue to continue being assertive in claiming our share in the market and beyond. None of Global Dominion’s plans for 2022 were canceled. In fact, most of our plans were expanded in the latter part of the year. Suffice it to say that we were prepared to face new challenges in 2023.

Continuous improvement became a regular part of our vocabulary. We constantly asked ourselves how a certain process can still be improved. Not settling for anything less, we began asking more “why’s” to understand our customers and opportunities even more, allowing us to see problems with fresh eyes as if we were new in the industry. If new FinTechs have the motivation to solve existing problems with simple solutions, just imagine how our aspirations matched by our purpose and technology can impact society. In spite of adversities, our revenue grew by 69% at the end of 2022 when compared to 2021, which was a reversal of the decline experienced in 2021 and 2020. With all these achievements and the exciting developments of the past year, I can confidently say that our team has no other destination but forward and up!


Robert B. Jordan, Jr.

Vice Chairman and CEO, Global Dominion