Global Dominion Chairman: “Financial inclusion.”

Dear Shareholders and Stakeholders,

Access to credit is a crucial component of financial inclusion. The World Bank describes financial inclusion as responsibly and sustainably providing individuals and businesses with access to valuable and affordable financial products and services, including credit. Our Company’s impressive total revenue growth of 69% from 2021 to 2022 is a testament to our increasing impact on promoting financial inclusion in the Philippines. We are committed to extending access to credit to individuals and businesses, empowering them to begin or grow their own ventures. We recognize that expanding or starting a business can be a challenging endeavor, particularly for micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) that often face limited access to funds. As we engage with these entrepreneurs and share our knowledge and expertise, we are proud to provide critical support by improving their access to credit through our facilities. By doing so, we help alleviate some of the financial burdens that can be incredibly challenging for these businesses, enabling them to pursue their goals and achieve greater success.

Many of our products and services put convenience and accessibility at the forefront. We have a refinancing product that uses a car or truck’s official receipt and certificate of registration as collateral instead of the units themselves so that they can continue with their business operations while gaining access to immediate cash. We have used car or truck financing products that not only help aspiring entrepreneurs make their dream a reality but also help maximize resources in the community. We have a doctor’s loan product that helps medical practitioners grow their businesses through equipment upgrades, additional clinics, or additional workforce.

We’ve also made it easier for our customers to avail of our products. Since e-money account ownership expanded and more and more Filipinos now regularly making online transactions, we ensured we’re present in as many e-wallets and digital payment avenues as possible. This resulted in the increasing volume of online payments from our borrowers to 30% from less than 20% pre-pandemic.

We call on all of you, our stakeholders, to strengthen your support for our organization, which not only celebrates its 20th year anniversary this 2023 but is also becoming the leading financing company in the Philippines with a heart for the MSMEs. Global Dominion was once a small company which also faced all the challenges other MSMEs face. We gave it our all when Bob [Robert B. Jordan Jr., Vice Chairman and CEO] and I started the Company almost 20 years ago. We did not surrender despite the trying times. Even prior to the pandemic, we faced challenges as massive as the global financial crisis head-on. Growing our Company was more than just increasing revenues. It was about positively impacting more lives and achieving more goals. Compared to our humble beginnings with only four employees in our first year of operations, we are proud to have provided steady livelihoods for our employees by the end of 2022.

Additionally, we have supported a total of 1,133 active loan consultants who have found a new source of income, if not their main source, through working with Global Dominion. Through our loan facilitation efforts in 2022, we contributed to improving the mobility of businesses in the country, especially after a series of challenging enhanced community quarantines in the past few years.

From the start, our purpose has been to provide innovative financial products and services that empower families to achieve their goals and dreams. This purpose is not exclusive to us as employees or members of the organization but is a testament to our inclusive vision of improving financial access for all members of society.

While we believe that no dream is too big. We also think that success requires hard work, skills, and support—and your support for our endeavor will go a long way to help us gear up for the evolving times ahead in the realm of finance. Together, we can help more people this year and in the ones to come.


Ruben Y. Lugtu II

Chairman of the Board, Global Dominion