Global Dominion Product Update 2020

The first #GlobalDominionOnline Facebook premiere video interview was participated by the Head of Marketing, Sam Carino, and the Head of Business Loans, Miks Nieves.

Sam started with pronouncing that Global Dominion Financing Inc. (GDFI) has been continuing to live by its purpose of providing accessible financial products and services so that every family is empowered to achieve their goals and dreams. He’s identified a few changes in GDFI’s operations, given the limitations in available resources, manpower, and the need to do fulfillment digitally. The marketing manager emphasized that interested loan applicants can continue to apply for loan products online or reach out to any of its accredited loan consultants who are on the field. These consultants are allowed to introduce GDFI’s financial products and services and gather documentary requirements for processing and approval. While applicants can still visit any of the branches nationwide to apply, they can also push through with their application with the help of any accredited loan consultant.

Miks, on behalf of GDFI’s business loans team, emphasized that there have been a lot of changes not just with the internal operations, but with the operations of all the clients as well. All businesses are impacted by the pandemic one way or another. When projected losses per industry was discussed, the business loan guru has supported the findings based on the report from BusinessWorld. “…somehow the chain reaction from the manufacturing side has impacted others. The main na nagbago is yung evaluation. How we process business loan applications is mainly on the five Cs. Yung character, capacity, capital, collateral, and yung condition,” Nieves shared. He added that the new C included in the evaluation process is what he calls “Covid Effect”! In the interview, the panel talked about the effects of the community quarantine measures we had in the country.

Despite the huge impact of the health crisis to the businesses, GDFI supports growth through financing, and announces that it is still open to lend to businesses without automatically declining applications. Miks even shared that the company has received an application from a business which is in the travel industry and they proceeded with processing its application because the numbers show that it has huge growth potential amidst the pandemic based on the documentary requirements submitted. In essence none of the applications get automatically declined without necessary screening from the team.

Individuals and employees can apply for GDFI’s secured loans, like Car Collateral Loan, Truck Collateral Loan, and Car/Truck Financing. Needless to say, many Filipinos need car units now more than ever, provided that public transportation remains a challenge due to the availability of public cars and the need to do social distancing inside vehicles as well. Car Collateral Loan from GDFI also does not require one to surrender their units, so they can still continue using the car unit while availing a loan – only the ORCR (Official Receipt and Certificate of Registration) is needed. The company’s Doctors’ Loan product is also back in the game for the medical doctors in need of financing. OFWs and Seafarers can still avail its loan products with collateral, as long as they can provide necessary requirements needed to verify their source of income and employment.

When it comes to car financing, Sam says one shall need to save around 20% to 30% of the fair market value of the secondhand unit they eye to own – this is around fifty thousand pesos to seventy thousand pesos talking about a sedan. He also introduced GoDrive, a website where interested car financing applicants can look for units available for financing through GDFI’s partner dealerships. He also detailed the requirements during the interview.

Hear about the requirements and qualifications for GDFI’s collateral loans and business loans from their leaders by watching the entire interview here. Of course, you can always learn about GDFI loans and directly apply here.

Sam ended the discussion by inviting Pinoys to also join the company as an accredited loan consultant by heading to any of its branches or by reaching out online, like on Facebook, to inquire about the process of becoming an accredited loan consultant. He believes that it is high time to provide more opportunities to Filipinos, especially now that we are going through a lot of challenges caused by the pandemic and calamities hitting the community. This opportunity is available to all Filipinos from different walks of life, and the work itself can be done from home, especially by those who have knowledge in digital marketing.

Loan products are absolutely essential in times of crisis. It helps trigger the economy to restart by funding businesses and purchases that consequently leaves a domino effect in the market.

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