Global Dominion’s First BMT Pooling Program

They say leaders aren’t born, but are instead, made. But how are they made exactly? What are the elements that help build leaders to become who they are? What are the factors that affect in developing regular citizens into actual leaders (although technically, leadership can be emulated by regular citizens)? Global Dominion Financing Inc. senior leadership team has dealt deeper into this to identify potential leaders in the GDFI community and help them realize their aptitude and start working on their strengths and areas for improvement to hasten the developmental progress and equip them to lead the soonest possible time.

This is related to the company’s planned expansion in key areas in Visayas and Mindanao. With more than 60 branches nationwide as of the this writing, GDFI aims to open approximately 20 more before 2020 ends. This is a milestone for the company in several angles – per the number of physical branches being built at the same time, per the count of full time employees the team needs to hire in a short span of time, and by the vastness of the efforts the entire organization needs to exert in order to quickly gear up, train, and develop talents.

This is both superb news and a huge challenge to the team’s adaptability, responsiveness, and flexibility. GDFI has launched several campaigns to support its expansion’s recruitment needs in all locations and across different talent requirements. Internal job posting has been instigated to further support growth from within, while a massive hunt on offline platforms has also been activated to better the way they attract top talents.

Recently, GDFI’s very first BMT Draft has been launched. BMT is acronym for Branch Manager Trainee, which refers to former individual contributors who have been identified to have been hauling the potential of becoming a people and process manager. Previously, the organization just open BMT positions for every need – and this has been changed by the new program, which aims to gather everyone who has what it takes to be one of the future leaders of the institution, and help them realize their talents and the opportunities right in front of them in one comprehensive program.

The BMT Draft participants pool was sourced from interested employees who applied for the role online. They come from different areas, live in different places, and have varying current roles and position in the company. All participants were presented with the opportunities and benefits that come along with the role, and the challenges and basic strategies which can be utilized to handle and/or address them. The one–day activity-filled program included discussions on: Customer Satisfaction, Assertive Communications, Business Writing, Business Statistics, Feedback and Coaching, and finally – Values-based leadership, covering the company’s core corporate values which are: Integrity, Excellence, Innovation, Care, and Fun. Given that the company’s purpose is to provide accessible financial products and services so that every family is empowered to achieve their goals and dreams, it has definitely surfaced, that the goal doesn’t leave the families and lives of the organization’s employees out.

“While this is the first of its kind, I am sure that this won’t be the last,” said Global Dominion’s Marketing Manager Samuel Carino who spearheaded the said program, together with the Head of Marketing Training Melinda Lopez. “The event is just a proof of many different things about our organization: that we have a very good source of dedicated and talented employees; that we really care for our people’s developmental progress; and that live by our purpose not just for our clients and investors, but for our employees as well!” Carino added.

In the end, all participants will be given developmental support whether they get identified for any leadership position during the course of the program or not (yet).

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