#GlobalPinoyKa, A Global Dominion Campaign

For the longest time, we Filipinos have proven that we have traits and qualities that set us apart from other nationalities. Our patriotism alone works to our advantage and pulls us together when an outsider says something negative about Pinoys, or when a Filipino is on the world’s centerstage showcasing his or her talents or skills. You could easily think of Lea Salonga, Manny Pacquaio, and Charice Pempengco, when you hear or see #GlobalPinoyKa! But there’s more to a #GlobalPinoy than being already recognized across the globe.

There are a lot of things we should be thankful for about being a Filipino. And so, we, at Global Dominion, are taking our first steps to recognize our fellow countrymen’s traits, skills, talents, contributions, behavior, or acts, that we believe make them a #GlobalPinoy. And hey, you don’t have to win a global singing competition to be seen. What do we consider then?

The Hands of a Filipino

Masisipag tayo, that’s for sure! Our hands make wonders and do things beyond what we consider possible – probably why we have a lot of world records – from pinakamaraming taong lumahok sa kung ano, to pinakamabilis in doing something. Our skills and efforts have raised the bar higher in many areas, from housekeeping, engineering, caregiving, to training and developing other people. Whether it’s unbelievable, or something ordinary, as long as it impacts other people’s lives in a positively extraordinary way, we truly believe that it should be recognized.

The Mind of a Filipino

Our beautiful minds have produced world-class innovation. If you don’t believe that, and you haven’t heard of any Filipino invention yet, then at least realize how much we’ve changed the face of customer service in the BPO industry. And that’s not just for ourselves, but for the entire world! What we think would work, actually works. This gives us the edge over other developing countries in line with services, finance, technology, etc. Simple concepts and outlook that could change people’s lives are definitely global.

The Heart of a Filipino

Talk about passion, patriotism, and compassion – so Pinoy! Say one wrong word about a single inch of a Filipino being, and you’re done. But let’s not forget that underneath the surface, our hearts can be easily recognized by its resilience and empathy. Now talk about how we recover and smile after typhoons; talk about how we convey concerns to people in other countries, despite our own difficulties and struggles; talk about how we show hospitality to people we don’t even know and take care of them as if they’re one of us. In so many ways, we know how to detect a genuine #GlobalPinoy heart!

As an institution that’s built by Filipinos for Filipinos, Global Dominion Financing Incorporated is here to help recognize Pinoys that model the behavior and the outlook of a citizen of (and for) the world. Join us, through this #GlobalPinoyKa campaign! Spread the love and recognize our fellow countrymen by using the hashtag #GlobalPinoyKa or, if you think you’ve found someone who deserves a bigger stage for recognition, email us at cpguanzon@gdfi.ph.