Gold-medal Stories of Success and Recovery amidst the Pandemic

We have just been through community quarantine part 3, and for some of us, nothing’s changed– same old, same old! But for many, it is another start of new sacrifices, harder work, and more challenges. Although we’ve proven ourselves to be resilient and resourceful through the first two community quarantine measures implemented in line with the current medical crisis, macroeconomic data show that we’ve been hurting, and we’ll need a whole lot of time to recover. The high-level overview of the numbers already tell us how much the pandemic affected the country – and when you look further under the magnifying lens, a whole new world of hardships, challenges, and failures come in play.

But success and recovery stories should not be missed – the silver lining, the rainbow after the rain. These stories energize many of us to push through and carry on!

GDFI employees are no different from the rest, and they share the same stories of hardships and successes amidst the current pandemic.

Lester Belmonte, a digital marketing associate, lost a loved one at a time when the pandemic hit our hospitals so hard, we did not have enough beds and medical personnel bandwidth for many in need of help. But life goes on for our commitments to our family and ourselves, and for Lester, this new chapter in his life is one he will definitely face with his head up high, for he knows that the love of his family and friends is more than enough to fuel his motivation to continue achieving all of his life goals and dreams. He continues to conquer the digital world with renewed strength and courage.

Maribel Macasinag, a collections associate, has been working away from her family for years prior to the pandemic. The work-from-home setup allowed her to work and be with her loved ones at the same time. But that’s not the only positive change she’s experienced so far – there’s more! She has also been approved for the housing loan she applied for and is gearing up to move in with her family. She has also started exploring ways to improve her knowledge through online schooling which is highly available nowadays. She is determined to ensure that despite the new challenges brought about by the pandemic she doesn’t stop seeking for growth and development both in her personal and professional life. Maribel also encourages others to continue being productive in all aspects of their lives.

Lea Yap, an assistant area manager, started her own businesses including rice distribution and online selling of clothes. “Working remotely has given us the opportunity to be productive and be with our loved ones at the same time,” Lea shared in an interview. “Now that we no longer have to spend hours on the streets to travel to work, we have additional time to grind for additional sources of income, all for our future and our kids!” she added. Lea has faced several challenges, beyond the pandemic’s effects to the community but she has managed to rise above all of those and continue to recover and become a better version or herself every day.

Mark Enguito, an accredited loan consultant, managed to defy the odds in business and apply his knowledge to his advantage when the pandemic froze almost all offline activities which were formerly the main source of leads for his job. He switched many of his ventures from manual to digital and expanded to other businesses that could increase his income for his family. Now, Mark is one of the leading loan consultants helping Filipinos all over the country with their loan application journey. “I’d like to thank GDFI and my clients for their trust in me, and for my family and friends for their continued support!” Mark shared.

For certain, there are other stories out there that represent heavier struggles many of us experience daily as the medical crisis flows with time. But there are many stories of successes as well, for sure, that don’t get much appreciated and shared. And sometimes all we need is some good vibes and inspiration in order to push for the better and stay strong.

GDFI continues to empower families to achieve their goals and dreams through innovative loan products and services, and by helping its own employees the best way possible. Vaccinations are continuously being encouraged, monitored, and supported. The company has also started administering its own vaccination campaign for its employees, aiming for 100% completion.

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