Hand Tools Every Car Mechanic Needs (Part 1)

Automotive service work requires a variety of tools. Used properly, they’ll enable you to do any car-related job safely, speedily, and efficiently. Now there are two main types of tools typically found in car shops: hand tools and power tools. For now, let’s talk about the former.


There are two kinds of hammers to use for auto repair purposes: ball-peen hammer and dead-blow hammer. The ball-peen hammer is the more-often used one, although its dead-blow counterpart is more ideal if you want to reduce rebounding. In any case, you need to make sure the hammer face strikes the object or surface evenly when using either.


Simply put, this tool is used to turn screws in your ride. Screwdrivers come in various shapes, sizes, and special-purpose designs. The most common types, however, have single flat blades to turn screws with slotted heads. As a general rule of thumb, always select a screwdriver with the proper type and size for the job. When opting for single-blade screwdrivers, make sure the blade can wholly fill the screw slot to prevent damage.


Wit its fixed or adjustable jaws, wrenches are great for turning nuts, bolts, and tougher screws. This tools come in both USC and metric fasteners; you need both for your beloved car. Normally, a ⅜- to 1-inch USC set and a 6- to 19-mm metric set will do the trick. Just remember to have these sizes in sets of open-end, box, and combination wrenches.


Pliers are hand tools with a pair of pivoted jaws for cutting and gripping. They also come in many styles and sizes. For example, combination slip-joint pliers have cutting edges at the back of its jaws for better wire cutting. Meanwhile, tongue-and-groove pliers have tongues on one jaw and grooves on the other to adjust the opening distance between the jaws while keeping them parallel to each other.


Pullers remove parts assembled with an interference fit. It is mainly used to remove gears and hubs from shafts, as well as bushings from blind holes. You can also use pullers to remove seals from bores and cylinder liners from engine blocks. There are three basic types of pullers: pressure screw, slide hammer, and combination. You need the entire set to properly service your beloved vehicle.

Stay Tuned for More

These are just five of the basic hand tools you should have in your car tool box. However, by having these tools, you’ll have a trusty set of arsenal should you face any car trouble.