Hand Tools Every Car Mechanic Needs (Part 2)

In a previous article, we’ve talked about five hand tools every car mechanic has in his auto repair shop. Now let’s discuss a few more tools that would help you take care of your beloved ride. Read on below to proceed.


A chisel is a cutting tool with a single cutting edge. It comes in various shapes and sizes, and it’s usually partnered with the hammer. Chisels are used to cut through metal, allowing you to remove waste metal parts from your vehicle’s body. Just remember to sharpen it beforehand as chisels with dulled or “mushroom” heads have the tendency to slip when hammered.


Meanwhile, the adjustable metal frames of the hacksaw allows it to hold its steel blades more firmly as well as replace it with fresh ones, letting you to cut through metal more effectively. Now one thing to remember when handling hacksaws is to use long and steady forward strokes. Apply enough downward force so the teeth can cut. And lift the down force on the return stroke to prevent dulling.


Files are also used for cutting and shaping metals with its multiple cutting edges and teeth. Files come in various “cuts,” from rough- or coarse-cut files whose cuts are far apart to smooth files with close cuts. Whatever files you choose, it’s good advice to always use them with handles. And to keep it clean, use a file card with short stiff-wire bristles.


Punches are used to knock out rivets and pins, as well as align car parts for assembly. When removing rivets with punches, get rid of the head first either by grinding or by chiseling it off. Punches can also be used to keep drill bits centered. Simply use the punch to mark the spot where the holes would be drilled.

Drill Bits

Also known as twist drills, drill bits are used to make holes. The material being drilled determines the preferred shape of the cutting edges that form the point. The grooves along the body carry the chips out of the hole. And a hand-held air or electric drill motor (or drill press) drives the drill bit.

Add These Tools to Your List

Like the ones discussed in the previous bog, these five hand tools is vital if you want to prolong the life of your own ride. So if you can afford to get them, best do it as soon as possible.