How’s Your ‘Now’?

Sure you want cars, house and lot, and profit-generating businesses in the future. And I’m certain you’ve been working day and night to achieve your long-term goals – but there are a few things you could be missing in the process – your ‘now’. How does your ‘now’ look like? I have a few guesses:

  • Enjoying your daily hours of deluxe stay on a bus/van/train, while Facebook, Netflix, Spotify, or YouTube is on a roll, during your commute to and from the office. Take note of “hours”.
  • Staying on your toes online for the next piso fare to the place where you’ve been wanting to go to, on gosh-knows when, probably months or years from now when typhoons usually visit PAR. I’m sure by now you already know that PAR means Philippine Area of Responsibility.
  • Binge-watching your favorite shows online during weekends, if, and only if, you do not have a shift or homework. Would have been lovely if the internet connection has been solid too, but hey, who cares?
  • Waiting for the long weekends to meet with or treat your family or friends from miles away, to eat or go window shopping – something you’ve been doing repeatedly for quite some time now.
  • Chatting with doctor stranger about your whatever-it-is-this-time condition secondary to selective amnesia, making you forget that you’re not a machine. And that, yes, we have to drink water and find time to pee!

Dude, it is time to break the ice and do something new and cool. Make things happen for your ‘now’s sake. Find time for things you usually just ‘like’ on social media, while you still have the desire and energy. I certainly do not have a complete list, and yours may be more or less weird than these stuff, but go take a glance at what I have in mind as far as the #MakeItHappen list is concerned.

  1. Buy that freaking branded bag or pair of shoes. And if you’re thinking of keeping it sealed at home because you think it is too pricy to use, then you probably should just print a photo of it and keep in your wallet. Use it, buddy! Its price should speak for its quality. And tearing it is still way better than not using it at all.
  2. Announce that surprise treat for your family or friends. Drag them to a buffet or a nice hotel which could house all of you for a while. It will be unforgettable, and will definitely make you feel good, especially if you’ve never done this before. I have a feeling this will be your friends’ favorite item on this list.
  3. Use your vacation leave credits and take your family to Bohol. No specific reason for choosing Bohol – I would just love to see the chocolate hills myself. But there’s a lot to see here in our very own country before you even think of flying abroad.
  4. Go for a movie marathon, only this time, try hopping from one cinema to another in one day. And leave your mobile phones at home, please!
  5. Enroll for an online class be it a short course or an actual degree. If you do not think studying is close to making it up with your ‘now’, then just pick from 1 to 4.

Not motivated enough to make things actually happen for your ‘now’? Just ask your ‘past’ how he was – nope, not referring to your ex.

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