Foundations of Leadership Excellence for GDFI’s Future Leaders

As part of Global Dominion Financing Inc.’s endeavour to continuously develop its people, another batch of future leaders were sent to the recently concluded Foundations of Leadership Excellence (FLEX) seminar, facilitated by Organizational Change Consultants International, Inc. (OCCI).

FLEX is a two-day workshop where one can learn about the fundamental principles of leadership, success and peak performance. The goal is to bring out the leader in you (the participants): Your empowered Self that is responsible for the choice you make, and is committed to personal growth as well as the growth of those around you.

The seminar started with an introduction of different theoretical frameworks around relationships, emotional intelligence, and paradigms of success. The participants later on got to know more about themselves through exercises which helped in discovering their personal preferences, sensory preferences, and communication styles.

FLEX aims to heighten one’s awareness of the negative belief systems that hinder leaders from actualizing their highest possibilities, and provide them with options, tools and techniques to shift those paradigms. When this shift occurs, ordinary leaders start producing extraordinary results.

“One of the greatest discoveries I had during the seminar is that all of us have what it takes to be  leaders, leveraging the power to be positive and to choose win-win situations all the time, as much as we can,” said Christine, one of GDFI’s Business Development Officers.

“I sincerely thank Global Dominion for this development opportunity which helped me grow not just professionally, but personally as well,” Christine added.