Life@GDFI: Diversity Goals!

While Global Dominion Financing Inc.’s (GDFI) business is solidly financing at its core, its endeavors are never far from helping society grow and embracing diversity. GDFI believes that the team is strong because of teamwork which runs through collaboration and unity. “No one is alone in the team,” said their Marketing Manager Samuel Carino. “Each and every member has his or her own strengths and areas for improvement, and by utilizing, maximizing, and improving those skills, and with support from one another, we’ve been able to achieve excellence,” the Marketing Manager added. The organization recently celebrated another successful year in the lending industry in the Philippines.

The 17-year-old company thrives in offering secured and unsecured loan products to employees, businessmen, doctors, OFWs, and professionals who could use additional funds for any planned or emergency expenses. The work the team does is certainly not easy and it is important for its people to be caring, efficient, effective, and reliable all the time. Like any other company, many of its employees come from different walks of life, with varying experiences and outlook, and with dissimilar goals and dreams for their future. Leveraging on teamwork and diversity has helped the team innovate and improve things which may have been challenging the entire financing industry in the Philippines. From “No-PDC” payment (depending on loan amount and loan product), to the acceptance of digital payment and application, GDFI has definitely explored areas where no other financing companies have been to, in order to offer the best loan experience to its valued customers.

Recently the company held an event featuring the LGBT+ members of its team in a night full of glamour, fun, talent, wit, and pride. A portion called Ms. PVV 2019 – pertaining to P (purpose), V (vision), and V (values) of the company – was held for the gay members of the team to showcase their talents and introduce themselves to more of their colleagues and leaders. Some have revealed their hidden skills while some have surprised many with their achievements in life and in their career in GDFI (Read more about Life@GDFI here. 

Joebert Bagasbas, Global Dominion Naga branch’s Marketing Assistant, brought home the crown as Ms. PVV 2019 after sharing his impeccable ideas and talent. 

Ms. PVV 2019 has been with GDFI since July 2014. He started as a telemarketer for Global Dominion’s head office in Ortigas Center, Pasig City. Joebert is also recognizable for the following accolades:

  • Top Telemarketer 2014
  • Best Team Leader  2015
  • Top Marketing Trainee 2018
  • Miss Excellence (during the competition)

“Every member of the team, of course that includes the LGBT[+], especially those who have been with us for years, has helped the company grow with all their hearts and talents,” Carino said, and he added, “I don’t remember any instance when gender or gender preference has been a problem or a line defining anyone’s performance or value to the organization. And I think that helps us achieve more and more successes.”

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