Little-Known But Great Summer Vacation Spots in Luzon

While the Philippines has lots of famous beaches you can count on during the hot season, no experience can still compare with discovering some of the country’s hidden summer spots. So for your convenience, here are some of the most divine yet less-known summer destinations in the Philippines you should spend your cash on. Let’s start with Luzon!

Sundang Island, Cavinti, Laguna

If you’ve ever fantasized about getting a cash loan to buy your own private island, then Sundang Island is something worth checking out this summer. Located in the heart of the Lumot Mahipon Lake in Cavinti, Laguna, you can book the entire island during the hot months, and the package includes amenities like boat transfers, lodging, and what-not.

Alibijaban Island, San Andres, Quezon

Meanwhile, at the southernmost tip of Quezon province lies the secret virgin paradise Alibijaban Island. With its white and golden sands, crystal clear waters, undisturbed forests, and picturesque sceneries, it’s definitely an excellent place to spend your summer on.

Mausonoan Island, Linapacan, Palawan

Another remarkable yet little-known island paradise is Mausonoan Island. Smacked right along with the other green gems in El Nido, Palawan, Mausonoan prides itself with its white powdery sands, clear turquoise waters, and relatively undisturbed landscape. Plus, it’s nearby the islands of Magransing and Binulbulan; if you want to go snorkeling, you can just take a quick boat ride and go there.

Bonbon Beach, Romblon, Romblon

Romblon has many beaches to offer, but one of its best is the little-known Bonbon Beach. With its clear waters, fine white sands, and beautiful views, it’s a beach as pristine as any. However, what sets it apart from other summer spots in Romblon is the sunset view it offers. Sit by its shores at the right moment, and you’ll get to watch one of the most beautiful and unforgettable sunsets of your life.

Palani Beach, Balud, Masbate

Masbate’s Palani Beach may not be at par with the white beaches lining Boracay, but it’s still a gorgeous beach in its own right. And with its unspoiled stretches of white sands, crystal clear waters, and cold and pure breezes, this less popular summer destination offers you a glimpse of what Boracay once was: calm, beautiful, and pollution-free.

We’re Just getting Started

These are just some of the best yet less favorite summer vacation spots in the Philippines, and we’ve only scratched off some places located in Luzon. If you’re seeking new and mysterious experiences in the country, then go drive to one of the beaches mentioned above.