Little-Known But Great Summer Vacation Spots in Visayas – Part 1

Previously, we’ve listed some of the most beautiful yet less popular summer destinations in Luzon. Now we’ll uncover some of the spots Visayas has to offer. If you don’t want to spend your salary loan stuck in Luzon, then you might as well check them out below:

Cambais Falls, Alegria, Cebu

Alegria, Cebu is a place that promises long adventurous rides, unforgettable experiences, and the gorgeous yet hidden Cambais Falls. The 2-tier waterfall gushes out cold water that cascades down a bright spring, from where you can gain a majestic view of the falls and sunshine. Plus, it also offers a great jumping-off point for more adventurous visitors, making the place great for thrilling recreational activities.

Niludhan Falls, Bayawan City, Negros Oriental

Situated deep in the forests and sugarcane plantations of Bayawan City, Negros Oriental is their pride and joy, Niludhan Falls. The waterfall is one of the best yet less known natural attractions found in the Visayan province, and despite recent developments in and around its vicinity, the summer hideout remains relatively secluded. 25 meters wide and 40 meters high, it offers a magnificent curtain of clear water that will refresh anyone who bathes in it. Moreover, the white colors of the falls alongside the green and blue of the plants and sky makes a very scenic view.

Danjugan Island, Cauayan, Negros Occidental

Whenever you think of Negros Occidental, you probably have Bacolod, alongside its chicken inasal, oyster dishes, and activity centers in mind. But if you prefer exploring an island while in the province instead, check out Danjugan Island in Cauayan. Covered with virgin rainforests and teeming with marine life, you’ll get to enjoy not only its beaches but also its exquisite flora and fauna. Just keep in mind that the island only accepts a handful of visitors per day to maintain its pristine condition.

Pinipisakan Falls & Sulpan Cave, San Jorge, Samar

Samar’s Pinipisakan Falls and Sulpan Cave is considered a hidden gem not only because it’s hard to get there, but also because even the locals fear to take the trip. But just in case you still want to visit, you should know that the journey needs a lot of determination and physical strength, and you have to do treacherous climbs, go against strong currents, and maneuver slippery terrains. Once you get there, though, you’ll be rewarded with towering curtains of water and a cave with spectacular rock formations.

Visit These Spots

These are just four of the most marvelous yet secret summer destinations you should check out while in Visayas. So if you’ve recently had a personal loan approved, what better way to enjoy your extra cash than in one of these spots?