Little-Known Perks of Being an OFW

Have you ever wondered what life is like for OFWs? You’re probably not the only one! Half of Filipinos believe global Pinoys working abroad live in hard and dangerous conditions, while the rest envy them for having a job in greener pastures. And while a lot of these preconceived notions are true enough, the perks OFWs enjoy clearly outnumber their disadvantages. Some of them are listed below.

Tax-Free Shopping at Duty Free

Duty Free Philippines is one of the first stops OFWs make whenever they go home. Not only does the mall allow them to do some last-minute shopping for loved ones, but it also enables them to save money since Duty Free allows OFWs up to 15 days of tax-free shopping from the moment they return to the country.

Having a Global Career

One of the best things about working overseas is that it gives you an opportunity to establish a global career and boost your profession marketability. Not only could it give you a unique understanding on how the international markets work, but it could also give you the sets of skills necessary to thrive in that world. These alone will give you an edge over fellow Pinoys who have never left the country.

Exemption From Fees

Overseas Employment Certificates (OEC) enable OFWs to enjoy exemptions from various fees, including airport terminal fees, travel taxes, and documentary stamp taxes, among others. So if you’re a Pinoy earning a living abroad, bets get your own OEC as soon as you can. And don’t worry if you still don’t have one and you’ve already paid for the airport terminal fee before you bought your plane ticket; as soon as you get your OEC, you can easily have the fee refunded before your departure.

Prestige and Recognition

Filipinos have a lot of respect for kababayans who are making a life for themselves outside the country. That’s because they also want to be like you, earning big bucks, seeing amazing and sometimes exotic places, and living your dreams. Plus, people like being around successful individuals, hoping their success would rub off on them. So if you’re an OFW, you shouldn’t wonder why your family and friends seem to look up to you whenever you’re with them.

Wrapping Up

Working overseas has its ups and downs. And OFWs know all too well the feelings of excitement and pleasure mixing with emotions of anxiety and fear. Nevertheless, the advantages of working abroad outweigh the disadvantages.

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