Most Popular Car Brands in the Philippines

Pinoys make very “brand conscious” customers. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that whenever they come looking for a new or secondhand car to buy, they usually check out who manufactured it first. Not all vehicles are perceived equally in the Philippines, however, and although there are countless options to choose from, Filipinos prefer some automobile trademarks over others. Below is a list of them in case you’re feeling curious.


Toyota is the second largest automobile producer worldwide, and their cars are among those most commonly found roaming Philippine roads. Take their Vios for example. Providing a bigger cabin than its contemporaries, this model is preferred by private and public drivers like. Meanwhile, the Toyota Fortuner reigns as the best-selling SUV in the archipelago, with its rough terrain capabilities and other amenities.


Although they’re more popular for their motorcycles in the Philippines, Honda nonetheless made its mark as one of the country’s most popular car brands. Aiming to provide the joy and freedom of mobility to their customers, each of their vehicles are made with prestige, reliability, safety, and quality in mind. In particular, the Honda Civic and its Civic Type R variant draws praise from countless Pinoy car aficionados.


Although they only come in third place when it comes to popularity in the Philippines, Hyundai has nevertheless captured the attention and admiration of many Filipino gearheads. Combining state-of-the-art technology with elegant automobile stylings, they managed to bring out stalwart models like Accent, Getz, Santafe, and Sonata, among others.


Forward thinking is key when it comes to Mitsubishi Motors, and their new vehicle line-up proves that and more. Each of their models are designed to fit the current times, complete with the latest technological advancements possible. Take their Montero Sports as an example. Offering style, comfort, function, and performance rolled into one, it’s one of the most popular SUVs gracing the Philippine highways.


From hatchbacks to SUVs, Ford has a wide selection of vehicles for Pinoys to enjoy. However, the models that caught the Filipinos’ eyes the most are the Everest, the Ranger, and the EcoSport. Each of these vehicles is designed with the customer experience and convenience in mind. As such, they can easily compete with some of the Philippines’ top car brands in terms of performance, style, and comfort.

Great Car Brands Not Only in Name

Each of these car brands aren’t just popular in the Philippines because of their reputation. They also exceed many others in terms of function and style. So if you’re looking for a new or pre-owned car to buy, best geta ride that comes with one of the trademarks listed above.