Number One in 2021!

Our third GDFI Online video was joined by two of the Luzon area managers from Global Dominion Financing Inc. Euge Mabbayad and Dex Estrella. 

GDFI has been one of the biggest financing companies in the Philippines and it is its goal to be number one in 2021. This aspiration is not too far from the reality, given that they have established a solid lead in Luzon, despite the existence of a pandemic. For the longest time, another financing company has been leading many Luzon areas and locations, but this time, GDFI has proven itself to be capacitated to take the lead and serve more Filipinos with fast, easy, and reliable loan products and services. It is geared up to become the number one financing company in the country this 2021!

Euge, North Luzon Area Manager, has been with GDFI for more than 13 years. She started as one of the pioneer marketing staff for the company until she’s given the chance to lead an entire area. On the other hand, Dex, GMA Area Manager, has been with the company for a solid 17 years! He was one of the pioneer branch managers until he’s promoted as an area manager for north GMA. When asked if they ever feel tired doing their jobs, they responded that fun and care supersedes all the exhaustion in delivering a distinct type of service for the people who need it the most. Celebration of small wins and simple recognitions help the team go farther when it comes to going above and beyond, the interviewees say.

The discussion went on covering the changes in the way the team does its work, given the current situation – with the pandemic. Many tasks and processes, they say, have been moved to virtual and digital platforms, making it so much easier for the team to collaborate and work. From formerly paper-heavy transactions to now semi-automated processes, the team has surely gone a long way in improving its functions to serve more of its customers, faster than before. Although the health crisis provided many challenges, it has also presented many opportunities for improvement.

Closing the interview, Euge shared about one of GDFI’s loyal customers, who started his journey with a lot of challenges. The customer was never accepted and approved for other loan products from other financing companies in the past and it was only GDFI who trusted him. After getting approved for his first loan application, the borrower was able to build and grow his business, employed people for his organization, and continuously renewed his loan account with GDFI to be able to expand his business even further. His delightful experience has proven to be a core factor in his loyalty with the financing company. This story has also proven that although GDFI is keen in approving loan applications, it has never looked the other way when it comes to fulfilling its purpose which is to provide accessible financial services so that every family is empowered to achieve their goals and dreams. Dex then shared about another truck financing customer who was initially declined, but was advised by the team to apply for another loan product and work on a few things thereon to strengthen his qualifications and eligibility for future loan services. This customer then improved until he became eligible for the loan product he wanted initially. Consequently, he’s continued growing his business and his credit records, as his loyalty continues to grow with GDFI.

These inspiring stories didn’t fail to amaze the viewers and the members of the organization. Truly, GDFI lives by its purpose and keeps its eyes on the prize of becoming bigger and better to serve more and more in the coming years and decades.

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Loan products are absolutely essential in times of crisis. It helps trigger the economy to restart by funding businesses and purchases that consequently leaves a domino effect in the market.

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