OFWs, Our Modern-day Heroes

OFWs or Overseas Filipino Workers are considered by many people (in the Philippines and worldwide) as modern-day heroes – and they have good reason to do so. Not only do OFWs face various forms of hardships while working abroad, but they also help a lot in sustaining the Philippines’ economy. Still, if you can’t take our word for it, then allow the reasons below to change your mind.

They Endure Not Being With Their Families

Filipinos are willing to go through hell and high water just to provide for their families. But what pains them the most is the time and distance away from their loved ones. Disconnecting from their families is the biggest sacrifice OFWs make. Not only do they have to endure homesickness, but they’ll also have to miss out on a lot of their loved ones events (Christmas celebrations, funerals, etc.).

They Constantly Deal With Homesickness

Homesickness and loneliness are also struggles among OFWs. even with high pay and good working conditions, working abroad can take its emotional toll on our kababayans. This is especially the case for first-timers and young OFWs, who venture out of the country without knowing how painful it is to live away from loved ones in a foreign country.

They Brave Poor Working Conditions

Global Pinoys are some of the toughest people you’ll ever meet. To financially make ends meet for their loved ones, they are willing to brave harsh working conditions, long hours of labor, and even low wages.

They Provide Strong Remittance Inflows

Aside from securing the basic needs of their own families, remittances sent by OFWs contribute a lot to boost the Philippines’ economy. For one thing, it helps keep the country afloat whenever there’s a global financial crisis due to its liquidity. Remittances also play a significant role in alleviating poverty in the archipelago, as well as creating stable cash flow and circulation for its various infrastructures.

They Face Uncertainty Abroad

Lastly, OFWs work hard abroad without knowing what lies ahead and what risk awaits them. Even today, it’s not uncommon to hear news of our kababayans being abused and molested by harsh foreign land-based or sea-based employers. There are even cases where OFWs return to the country and their loved ones in body bags (due to harsh working conditions and acts of terrorism).

Honor Our Kababayans

As you can see, OFWs deserve every ounce of our respect for the sacrifices they’ve made and the hardships they’ve endured. So better salute them for the heroes and martyrs they truly are.