Safety Checks You Must Perform Before Driving

Performing safety checks is necessary when you’re preparing to take out your new or pre-owned car for a spin. Doing so will help you determine whether or not your ride is roadworthy, as well as help you familiarize yourself with your vehicle. Below are some of these safety checks.

Physical Inspection

Check the physical condition of your vehicle. By making a “walk around” inspection, you’ll be able to cover everything needed to ensure trouble-free driving. Make sure to probe the following in order:

● Front of Car (Windshield, bumper, lights, reflectors, hood, grills, condition of body, etc.)
● Left Front Side (Wheel and tire, mirrors, side signal lights, reflectors, condition of body, etc.)
● Left and Right Side (Fuel tank, fuel tank cap, exhaust system, mirrors, lights, reflectors, door glass, latches and locks, condition of body, etc.)
● Left Rear (Wheel and tire, brakes, signal lights, reflectors, mud guards, condition of body, etc.)
● Rear (Rear door, lights and reflectors, bumper, license plate, exhaust pipe, condition of body, etc.)
● Right Rear (Wheel and tire, brakes, signal lights, reflectors, mud guard, condition of body, etc.)
● Right Front Side (Wheel and tire, mirrors, side signal lamps, reflectors, condition of body, etc.)


After the physical inspection, you need to check if your new or used car has everything else it needs. This means scanning its B.L.O.W.F.A.T.C.H., which consists of the brakes, battery, belts, leaks, license, lights, oil, water, wipers, washer, fuel, fluids, accessories, tires, tools, car documents, cleanliness, horns, and hoses. Each of these things contribute to a car (and its driver’s) well-being and proper maintenance. So before you hit the pedal, best make sure these are all close at hand.

Pre-Start Routine

Then there are the routines and habits you need to remember and develop. These include making sure your car doors and windows are properly locked and closed, adjusting the driver’s seat so you can sit comfortably and so you can see the road ahead of you properly, adjusting the rear view and side mirrors so you can properly see the vehicles around you while on the road (which would allow you to drive defensively), wearing your seat-belt, and many more.


Performing these pre-driving safety checks is a good way to ensure yours, your loved ones’, and your automobile’s safety on the road. By taking a few minutes to do these, you’ll be able to drive more confidently and securely.

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