Personal Finance Tips and Strategies for Filipinos

Financial responsibility not only means having the right money mindset but following the best financial game plan and advice. That journey might be hard at first, but rest assured that your efforts will be well worth it. So in case you’re up for it, here’s a list of personal finance tips and strategies for Filipinos.

Budget Everything

You’ve probably heard this thousands of times already, but the best way to start being financially responsible is by making a budget. Doing so will help you avoid overspending, and it will encourage you to set aside a portion of your income to save and invest. Write it in a notebook, or use a smartphone app. Just remember to keep your budget plan as realistic and as achievable as possible. Set high standards for yourself, sure, but don’t create a strategy you can’t follow.

Compare Prices

It would be best if you also started making a habit of comparing prices from now on to shopping for groceries and what-not. That way, you’ll get your money’s worth and save money in the process. Take note, though, that you shouldn’t always go for the cheaper option, especially if you want quality products and services. Otherwise, you could end up spending more than you should. Go for the price you can afford, yes, but not at the expense of quality.

Find Motivation or Inspiration

Things will get harder during your financial journey, no matter how smoothly you started. By finding daily motivation, you’ll have the strength to put one foot in front of the other. Close your eyes and think about the life you’ve been dreaming about. Etch what you see in your memory and hold on to that whenever you’re feeling the pressure. You can look for inspiration from other people as well. Check out some of the world’s wealthiest people today and study their methods.

Stay Healthy

It’s hard to be financially responsible if you’re always sick. So do everything in your power to stay healthy. Adjust your diet and stick with healthy foods from now on. Hit the gym regularly, or go jogging every morning to keep your body fit. And try to get at least seven hours of sleep every night. Aside from your physical health, it would help if you also looked out for your mental well-being. Minimize stress in your life, listen to good music, and try yoga or other mind-relaxing activities.

Invest, Not Save

There’s a difference between just saving and saving for the future. If you want a better life for yourself and your loved ones, you need to learn how to invest. Investing means doing a lot of things, but it mostly involves you growing your money for future use. The best ways to invest include buying a property to rent out, buying stocks with dividends, and enrolling in courses to learn new skills. Do any of these, and your financial future is all but guaranteed.

Build an Emergency Fund

Of course, it’s always a good idea to have extra cash on hand, especially if you suddenly face something unexpected. So build an emergency fund to help you shoulder expenses like hospital bills, car damage repairs, and what-not. Make sure your fund can financially cover you for at least six months. That way, you’ll have plenty of cash during dire situations. Take note, too, that many banks and lending firms offer loans to help you build this fund. Best check them out while you’re at it.


Being financially responsible can impact your future. So better start making the right decisions as far as money is concerned from now on, as well as follow the tips listed above. That way, you’ll be able to achieve financial independence and enjoy a comfortable life.