Things You’ll Need to Prep up Your Home for before a Flood

Situated near the Pacific Ring of Fire, the Philippines is a country plagued continuously by storms and typhoons. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that many of the areas in the country are vulnerable to severe flooding. If you’re from the Philippines and you happen to live in one of these regions, it’s best to make plans on how to protect yourself and your loved ones from any bad weather that might strike. And below are a few things you’ll need to ensure that.

Food and Water

First things first, you need to stockpile your house with as much food and drinking water as you can if there’s a storm coming to your area. Typhoons can sometimes get intense to the point that malls and supermarkets get shut down. And even if they did stay open somehow, they’d still be inaccessible due to flooding. So if flooding seems inevitable in your region, best make sure you’ll have as much food and drinks as possible.

Emergency Cash

Of course, you won’t be able to get a lot of food and water without funding. That’s one of the reasons why it’s so important to have emergency money in the first place. By setting aside a portion of your hard-earned bucks for emergency purposes such as storms and flooding, you’ll be able to ensure that you and your family are better prepared for any calamities that come your way.

Backup Water Supply

But not even financial stability can keep you comfortable too long if you don’t have water to use for bathing and cleaning purposes. Although it doesn’t always occur, flooding can also render your utility water supplier crippled. Thus, it’s best if you save up as much water as you can before the storm and flood strikes. Get large drums and fill them up. And use them as sparingly as you can until your taps are working again.


You should also not forget to stockpile on toiletries while you’re out getting food and water. These include soaps, shampoos, tissue papers, tubes of toothpaste, and toothbrushes, among others. Not only will these toiletries help you maintain good hygiene during the bad weather, but they’ll keep you comfortable as well.

Laptops or Smartphones

Your computer and smartphone, combined with the internet, can keep you updated on the typhoon and flood’s status in your area. So while waiting out the storm, best have your gadgets nearby. That way, you’ll know when it’s safe to go outside. Just make sure you keep your devices fully charged in case the power unexpectedly gets cut off.

Be Prepared

Storms and flooding are inevitable, especially if you live in a country like the Philippines. By making sure you have the things listed above close at hand, however, you’ll be able to make yourself and your loved ones better prepared against bad weather.