#PwedePala: Ariel Dizon’s Journey with Global Dominion

In March 2024, Global Dominion started the #PwedePala campaign to honor its employees, loan consultants, dealers, and customers who have helped the company grow from one branch to over 100 branches nationwide. The campaign features inspiring stories of resilience and success that have shaped Global Dominion over the past 21 years.

Ariel Dizon’s story is a great example of how dedication and the right opportunities can lead to success. He joined Global Dominion in 2016 as an Account Officer for the Dumaguete Branch. Just four months later, he became the Branch Manager of the Consolacion Branch. “Napatunayan nako na ang Global Dominion wala nag tan-aw sa years of service or experience but rather on the willingness to grow, so PwedePala,” Ariel said.

During the pandemic, Ariel was promoted to Area Manager for Visayas. This role allowed him to help even more people, something he has always been passionate about.

In 2023, Ariel became the Deputy General Manager for the Branch Division. He is thankful for this role because it lets him inspire more people. Thanks to Global Dominion, Ariel has also achieved personal milestones, like getting his two dream cars. “Ang Global Dominion ang the best ka-partner nato sa pag-angat, tungod kay it supports the highest good of all its stakeholders not just its clients but also its employees,” he shared.

Ariel’s journey shows that with the right mindset and support, great things are possible. His story, along with many others, proves that with Global Dominion, #PwedePala—anything is possible.

Established in 2003, Global Dominion aims to ignite and accelerate the growth of people and organizations to transform lives for the better. Its products include Car Refinancing or Sangla OR/CR, Doctors’ Loan, Car Financing, Brand New/Used Truck Financing, and Sangla Titulo for Business Owners.

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