#PwedePala: The Inspiring Journey of Maribel Macasinag and Global Dominion

In March 2024, Global Dominion kicked off the #PwedePala campaign, a heartfelt tribute to the employees, loan consultants, dealers, and customers who have been instrumental in the company’s growth from a single branch to an impressive 116 branches located nationwide. The campaign shines a spotlight on the remarkable stories of resilience and success that have shaped Global Dominion over the past 21 years.

First shared was the inspiring story is of Maribel Macasinag, per her testimonial, back in 2016, Maribel started as a telemarketer with the primary goal of supporting her child as a single parent. Her aim was to earn enough for daily expenses, never imagining that she could climb the ladder to a leadership position. “Kasi akala ko kapag nag start ka ng mababa parang don kana mag i-end“ (I thought that if you started at the bottom, that’s where you would end up) Macasinag shared.

Maribel soon realized that at Global Dominion, the impossible can become reality. Encouraged by a supportive work environment and leadership that felt like family, she pursued her college degree while working full-time. In 2022, she graduated with an AB English degree and was promoted to a branch manager role, a branch in Isabela. In February 2023, she was managing one of the company’s largest branches—its head office.

Maribel’s journey exemplifies that with determination and the right support, work isn’t a barrier but a stepping stone to achieving dreams. Her story, and many others like it, affirm that with Global Dominion, #PwedePala—anything is possible.

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